The Roundtable’s 1000th Post

The Roundtable has enjoyed Roscoe levels of fun over the years. This is thanks to silly writers such as us being fans like you! (Photo Credit: Scott Paulus)

Today we take the focus ever so slightly away from the Milwaukee Admirals to something different. With this post, the Roundtable has officially reached 1,000 posts over the course of four seasons of Admirals hockey.

It all starts with Ryan Miller and his brilliant work that has established the Admirals Roundtable name, smarts, and fun! His work created this great environment for fans of the Admirals to come in, banter, banter some more, and act like the kids we all know and love that we are. Cheers Ryan!

The next “Cheers” goes out to all of our readers, frequent folks in the comments section, and our Twitter followers that chirp in during games.  A website like this doesn’t last without such great readership and people who enjoy adding to the conversation. I feel at the Roundtable we’re incredibly blessed to have such a wide range of fans who all add to the different flavors of the Roundtable. Whether you’re reading right at home here in Wisconsin, in Nashville looking towards the future, in Canada, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, or more – we can’t thank you all enough! It’s such a blast having an international audience who loves this international game as much as us. Cheers to all of you for making this such a fun place to write for.

It’s not even been a full-season for myself at the helm of the Roundtable but I can already say I love everything about this. I greatly enjoy interacting with you Admirals fans, seeing and chatting with you at games, or bantering online. It has been phenomenal to be a part of something like this and I only hope we continue delivering you readers with news, wit, and great access to your Milwaukee Admirals. Let the good times continue, peoples! Cheers again for all of your fantastic and continued support of the Roundtable.

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