The Chatterbox, Vol. 17

Marek Mazanec was injured during team practice yesterday. That means we should expect a dose of Scott Darling and Hannu Toivonen this weekend. (Photo Credit: Scott Paulus)

This afternoon I had the chance to drop in and chat with the Milwaukee Admirals after their morning skate. They just about let me do everything but actually drop in and join them for the women’s gold medal game between Team Canada vs. Team USA. It sounded intense. By “it” I mean the players and coaches watching it.

I wanted to get to the bottom of yesterday’s goalie question of the day, why do we have three goalies right now, so I spoke with head coach Dean Evason. I also got to speak with Hannu Toivonen and Scott Darling. Here’s what everyone had to say.

Dean Evason updates the Admirals goaltending situation:

Evason on Marek Mazanec’s time table:

Hannu Toivonen on how he’s enjoyed Milwaukee so far:

Toivonen speaks about maintaining  his focus from practice to actual game action:

Toivonen’s thoughts on what it takes to earn the net in Milwaukee right now:

Scott Darling describes his return to the ice with the Cincinnati Cyclones:

Darling on getting over the rust:

Darling gets asked the hardest question ever and delivers (yeah, I blanked.. whoops):

Darling talks about being back for game action with the Admirals:

Darling’s thoughts on the competition to start in net:

Darling talks about his brand new goaltending gear that will debut tomorrow night:

So, there you have it. Amidst all the that banter from yesterday and speculation – it all kind of gets nullified by the simple fact that Mazanec picked up a knock in practice yesterday. That means the goaltending tandem this weekend will be Darling and Toivonen over the course of the three-in-three. I fully anticipate both taking part – and perhaps both playing in the first two games to see if someone can earn the Sunday game. It’ll be a fun story to watch develop none the less.

Comments from the comments? Does the injury to Marek Mazanec make you feel like the Admirals have a lesser chance earning points this weekend? How do you feel Scott Darling and Hannu Toivonen can do over the weekend?

3 thoughts on “The Chatterbox, Vol. 17”

  1. Toasted Whole Grain: Magnus Hellberg was injured back in January in a game in San Antonio. Lower-body. He’s been around the team and working out. It’s just getting in that goaltending stance that bugs him and his muscles and/or tendons where he got hurt.

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