Toivonen signs Hannu PTO

This is Hannu Toivonen. He’s clearly just as stoked for the US hockey team as he is Finland. (Photo Credit: Andy Morrison)

We have ourselves a curveball to start off the morning. The Milwaukee Admirals and goaltender Hannu Toivonen have decided on another PTO contract that will keep him around for that little while longer.

Toivonen has only played in three games with the Admirals and made one start. In all of those situations he held up rather well. He won the game he started. He stopped all six shots in relief of Marek Mazanec in his last outing. And his first outing saw him get thrown into the firing line of the shootout after Magnus Hellberg went down with injury in San Antonio.

Yesterday the AHL listed Toivonen on the Admirals transactions list as released from PTO. Which, at the time, made sense because of the news that Scott Darling was recalled after a three game stint with the Cincinnati Cyclones of the ECHL. Darling was making his return to game action after missing a month’s worth of hockey due to a lower-body injury.

So, Darling is back in camp. Toivonen has signed back on to remain in camp. And Mazanec is also in camp. Barring any news to come soon after this, totally plausible due to what I’m about to say, the Admirals will have three functional and fit netminders on their roster. Perhaps I’ll find out more on this when I drop by after tomorrow’s practice – or even sooner than that. I will give an update should I find out anything extra. Until then, continued Hannu puns are very welcome in the comments.

Smart move to keep Hannu Toivonen around? What do you think this means for the Admirals goaltenders? 

4 thoughts on “Toivonen signs Hannu PTO”

  1. It’s a Hannu day in Milwaukee for Toivo??? A curious decision here for sure, but perhaps (purely speculating) this spells trouble as far as Hellberg/Rinne’s recovery process?

  2. Jason: You commented just about 8 minutes before Pekka Rinne’s return to full-practice today. Also, I’ve had the chance to speak with Magnus Hellberg a fair bit while he has been out. It’s an injury that isn’t as bad as they initially felt it would be. He’s able to move around and do human-y things perfectly fine. It’s that goalie stance and twisting and torquing ligaments and muscles that’s still touchy. I’d still say he’ll be back (my guess) in March.

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