By The Numbers: Mazanec

Since January, it has been all Marek Mazanec. Is that a positive or a negative? (Photo Credit: Scott Paulus)

Marek Mazanec was pulled from yesterday afternoon’s Admirals game where he conceded three goals on twenty shots. The final straw, the reason why he was pulled, came in the third period when two Wolves goals were scored in rapid succession. He has now allowed three goals in his last four starts – all of which resulted in losses. To say it as eloquently as possible: it just hasn’t looked quite like Marek Mazanec lately.

I think one of the more oddball stats of this entire season has been that, in his AHL time with the Admirals, Mazanec has allowed at least two goals per game. In the NHL, that wasn’t the case. He had four NHL games in which he conceded less than two goals – two of those were shutouts.

So, what is the deal with our 22-year old Czech netminder? Why don’t we check out the statistical breakdown of all of his games this season, AHL and NHL, and see what we make of it.

October, 2013

Oct. 18 @ Grand Rapids: W, 3-2: 24 saves, 2 GA.
Oct. 26 vs. Texas: W, 4-2: 27 saves, 2 GA.
Oct. 30 vs Texas: W, 3-2 (OT): 33 saves, 2 GA.

November, 2013

Nov. 1 vs. Rockford: W, 4-2: 28 saves, 2 GA.
Nov. 3 @ Iowa: W, 5-2: 28 saves, 2 GA.

Nov. 5 – Called Up To Nashville

Nov. 8 @ Winnipeg: ND, 5-0: 22 saves, 2 GA.
Nov. 12 @ New York: L, 3-1: 30 saves, 3 GA.
Nov. 15 @ Pittsburgh: L, 4-1: 21 saves, 4 GA.
Nov. 16 vs. Chicago: W, 7-2: 39 saves, 2 GA.
Nov. 19 @ Detroit: W, 2-0: 27 saves, 0 GA.
Nov. 21 @ Toronto: W, 4-2: 24 saves, 2 GA.
Nov. 23 vs New York: L, 2-0: 32 saves, 2 GA.
Nov. 25 vs. Phoenix: W, 4-2: 29 saves, 2 GA.
Nov. 27 @ Columbus: W, 4-0: 19 saves, 0 GA.
Nov. 28 vs. Edmonton: L, 3-0: 25 saves, 2 GA.
Nov. 30 vs. Philadelphia: SOL, 3-2: 22 saves, 2 GA.

December, 2013

Dec. 3 vs. Vancouver: L, 3-1: 30 saves, 3 GA.
Dec. 5 vs. Carolina: L, 5-2: 9 saves, 4 GA.
Dec. 7 @ Washington: L, 5-2: 28 saves, 5 GA.
Dec. 12 @ Tampa Bay: ND, 4-2: 19 saves, 0 GA.
Dec. 21 vs. Montreal: ND, 4-3 (OT): 2 saves, 3 GA.
Dec. 23 vs. Boston: L, 6-2: 25 saves, 4 GA.
Dec. 28 vs. Los Angeles: W, 3-2: 26 saves, 2 GA.
Dec. 30 vs. Detroit: W, 6-4: 21 saves, 4 GA.

January, 2014

Jan. 2 @ Boston: OTL, 3-2: 22 saves, 3 GA.
Jan. 4 @Florida: SOL, 5-4: 25 saves, 4 GA.
Jan. 7 vs. San Jose: W, 3-2: 26 saves, 2 GA.
Jan. 9 vs. Anaheim: L, 4-3: 24 saves, 4 GA.
Jan. 11 vs. Ottawa: SOL, 2-1: 20 saves, 1 GA.
Jan. 12 vs. Minnesota: L, 4-0: 19 saves, 4 GA.

Jan. 17 – Reassigned to Milwaukee

Jan. 18 @ Oklahoma City: L, 2-1: 23 saves, 2 GA.
Jan. 19 @ Oklahoma City: SOL, 5-4: 21 saves, 4 GA.
Jan. 21 vs. Toronto: W, 3-2: 25 saves, 2 GA.
Jan. 24 vs. Rockford: W, 3-2: 28 saves, 2 GA.
Jan. 25 @ Rockford: L, 2-1: 29 saves, 2 GA.
Jan. 26 vs. Rockford: OTL, 4-3: 39 saves, 4 GA.
Jan. 31 @ Iowa: W, 3-2 (OT): 24 saves, 2 GA.

February, 2014, In Progress

Feb. 1 vs. Grand Rapids: SOL, 3-2: 35 saves, 2 GA.
Feb. 5 vs. Hamilton: W, 4-2: 28 saves, 2 GA.
Feb. 7 vs. Utica: L, 3-0: 28 saves, 3 GA
Feb. 9 vs. Chicago: SOL, 4-3: 31 saves, 3 GA.
Feb. 14 vs. Iowa: L, 3-1: 27 saves, 3 GA.
Feb. 16 @ Chicago: L, 3-2: 17 saves, 3 GA.

Overall Report

Total Record: 17-15-2-6 (42 points from 40 decisions)
NHL Record: 8-10-1-3 (20 points from 22 decisions)
AHL Record: 9-5-1-3 (22 points from 18 decisions)

Total Goals Against Average: 2.62 GAA. (NHL, 2.80 GAA… AHL, 2.43 GAA…)

Total Save Percentage: 0.910 SV% (NHL, 0.902 SV%… AHL, 0.918 SV%…)

Total Goal Differential: 108 Goals Allowed by Mazanec (NHL/AHL) vs. 103 Goals Forced from the team in front of him when he plays (54 NHL, 49 AHL): -5 Goal Differential for Mazanec.

Amount of Consecutive Starts Made: 37 games started consecutively during the course of this season (21 NHL, 16 AHL).

Three-In-Three starts: 1, in AHL (1/24 vs. Rockford… 1/25 @ Rockford… 1/26 vs. Rockford).

Two-In-Two starts: 5, in the NHL and AHL (11/15 @ Pittsburgh… 11/16 vs. Chicago… // 11/27 @ Columbus… 11/28 vs. Edmonton… // 1/11 vs. Ottawa… 1/12 vs. Minnesota… // 1/18 @ Oklahoma City… 1/19 @Oklahoma City… // 1/31 @ Iowa… 2/1 vs. Grand Rapids…)

Amount of NHL/AHL Games Played In: 43 games.

Amount of Games Played In for Plzen HC in the 2012-13 season: 21 games.

AUDIO: Mazanec after the conclusion of his three-in-three against Rockford (Part 1):

AUDIO: Mazanec after the conclusion of his three-in-three against Rockford (Part 2):

So, I don’t know about you folks, but what I see when I look at everything laid out in front of me like this is that Marek Mazanec is being used as a workhorse – in his first North American professional hockey season – and he is being stretched to the limit Again, it is only his first professional North American hockey season. I feel some agitated in his recent play might just happen forget about that. Last season, Magnus Hellberg battled through his struggles with the higher tempo game with smaller ice – and delivered with a great finish to the season. Big difference was, Hellberg was in no way shape or form asked to carry such a load, AHL and NHL, so quickly.

Mazanec has shown plenty of talent this season. I only feel that there is far too much weight being put on top of him all while his past experience doesn’t compare – not to the AHL level – and certainly not to the NHL level. You can easily wag your finger at his NHL numbers, his NHL Rookie of the Month award for November, and say – why not Milwaukee? Well, just as easily, the caliber of players in front of him to help out defensively and offensively aren’t up to par but, even more so, Mazanec really hasn’t had a goaltender to push him and make him earn his net since Hellberg at the start of pre-season camp.

I feel that the sooner we see a Scott Darling return, or even a Hellberg, the better off things will be for the Admirals and all goaltenders involved. Goalies want to play as much as possible – without question. But that’s exactly why having an option 1-A and 1-B to pick from as a starting goalie raises the internal competition meter up and brings out the best of the group. Not to mention, as this season drags down to the finish – you’re not going to want a rookie netminder like Mazanec to have flamed out before April because he has played every-other or more games for the Ads.

At some point this week I expect the Admirals will recall Darling from the Cincinnati Cyclones of the ECHL after he won two games (in two days) in his return from a lower-body injury. For all we know, the situation that I just brought up takes place as soon as this weekend where, you guessed it, a three-in-three will be played. Should that happen… who starts Friday in Milwaukee and how do you balance out the rest of the weekend?

What are your thoughts on Marek Mazanec’s season to date? Is he being overworked? Are we expecting too much from him?

5 thoughts on “By The Numbers: Mazanec”

  1. I think he may be destined to be a back up goalie for the silly reason that they have asked him to do what he cannot do at this point in his career, and then they will judge him on that. how sad that would be.

  2. Amy: Not sure exactly what you mean there. I think all we’re seeing, start to present, are some typical growing pains is all. The playing ability and skill are good. The mentality of enduring this much work all while adjusting to so many differences are probably impacting his performance.

  3. Ten games in a row is way too many, 16 games in a row is asking for burnout! Toivonen should have been used before now. Evason has no clue on how to handle goalies and Milwaukee has moved from #5 to #7 in the playoff race partially because of it.

  4. I have to agree with Adsfan. Toivonen should have played at least a few games to prevent burnout on the part of Mazanec. I’m one of those that agrees he’s better than his numbers show.

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