The Chatterbox, Vol. 16

Yeah. It pretty much felt like this. (Photo Credit: Scott Paulus)

Tonight was another grinder for the Admirals as they lost their third-straight game on home ice. It also marked the first time all season the Iowa Wild were able to defeat the Ads. The past few games haven’t entirely been clunkers – but they have been on the flat side. Rarely does the team get outworked, but they’ve effectively been rocked in two of their last three games. The wheels haven’t been turning as quick for the offense. And I’m not sure what they can do to combat the issues of the past few games.

After the game I was able to speak with Dean Evason, Filip Forsberg, and Colton Sissons about the game – and much more. Here is what they had to say following the 3-1 defeat to Iowa.

Dean Evason talks about conceding right after Forsberg’s power-play goal:

Evason on the team not holding team practice this week:

Evason speaks about what needs to change offensively:

Evason’s thoughts on a time table for Scott Darling’s return to Milwaukee:

Filip Forsberg’s opinions of the team’s struggles tonight:

Forsberg on what he did during the AHL All Star break:

Forsberg tracking the Swedes during the Olympics:

Colton Sissons speaks about the defeat:

Sissons and I talk about his AHL All Star week in St. John’s:

Sissons on spending time with fellow Predators prospect Pontus Åberg:

There will sadly be no “Scouting the Enemy” for tomorrow morning. Typically after these games I’m in full “GO, GO, GO” mode but I really felt badly as the game marched on – double whammy right? I just got over one cold only to be slammed by another one. Luckily! It really hasn’t been all that long since we’ve seen the Chicago Wolves. My advice? Check out last week’s Wolves: Scouting the Enemy… nothing too much has changed since anyways.

What are your comments from the comments? What can we expect from these next two road games against the Wolves? Could the long homestand have actually hurt the Admirals rather than helped? And, could getting on the road be a good refocus all-around?

One thought on “The Chatterbox, Vol. 16”

  1. The AHL player contract demands that teams take off 3 or 4 days around the ASG. No practices are allowed! Iowa was bound to win one game against the Ads this season.

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