Simon Moser’s Theatrical Olympic Debut

Simon Moser (82) celebrates with his Swiss teammates after a dramatic final second clincher.

The men’s hockey side of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi started today with Simon Moser’s Switzerland taking on Latvia. Moser wound up being the late hero in the game – scoring the primary assist on the game-winning goal with 7.9 seconds remaining. Switzerland beat Latvia on that goal – and that goal alone, 1-0.

You can watch the goal scored by Switzerland in the final seconds here from our good friends at Deadspin. (alright, we might have waved at each other once… alright, I waved to them once and they didn’t see me… we’re still friends)

As it stands, Moser is credited with the primary assist on the goal. Initially that is what I thought it was going to be. Then it was announced in the stadium that he had scored the goal. After the game the scoring changed to a primary assist. No matter how it gets scored – he’s already made a moment at the Olympics to treasure.

UPDATE: According to most statistical websites I’m following associated with these Olympic Games, including here at the IIHF website, Simon Moser is being credited with the game-winning goal. Barring a fifth or twelfth turn through an assist or a goal – it appears as if Moser’s first Olympic game saw him score a crucial game-winning goal in the final seconds.

Who do you have as your medalists for the men’s hockey tournament in the Olympics?

9 thoughts on “Simon Moser’s Theatrical Olympic Debut”

  1. A certain Roundtable contributor might have thought Moser and Josi might have a big tournament (aka my shameless plug). But honestly I have to feel for Latvia, though I have yet to watch the game. What a crazy bounce.

    My Medal Prediction via (aka one more shameless plug).

    Or if you would prefer to not read the full thing and just get to the point:
    1. Sweden; 2. USA; 3. Canada; 4. Russia; 5. Finland; 6. Switzerland; 7. Slovakia; 8. Czech Republic; 9. Latvia: 10. Norway; 11. Austria; 12. Slovenia.

  2. Dan – You do a great job with this site. Thanks for the daily updates, keep up the impressive work. Jason does a nice job as well.

  3. Agreed Sioux. We appreciate hearing the feedback. And my kudos as well to Lavender for pouring out an incredible amount of great content, much like his talented predicessor Ryan.

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