Uni Watch: Admirals Reveal 2014 Pink Jerseys

The 2014 Milwaukee Admirals Pink Jersey


Keeping with recent tradition, the Milwaukee Admirals unveiled their pink jerseys that they will be wearing to spread Breast Cancer Awareness. The team will be wearing them during Friday night’s game against the Iowa Wild.

This year’s Pink jersey is mainly black with pink accents. In truth, this might be one of my favorite iterations of the concept that they have done. Here are a few recent examples that the team have displayed:





Last season’s Pink jersey modeled by Donald Driver. (Photo Credit: Scott Paulus)

As is typically the case with these specialty unis, the fans can hit the auction block and bid for their favorite player’s jersey. You can do that right here at the Milwaukee Admirals website. Follow the steps (seriously, follow the steps) if you want to get in on the auction fun.

What are your thoughts on this year’s Pink jersey? What are some of your favorite specialty uniforms that the team have sported over the years? Will you be bidding? If so, what player’s jersey are you gunning for? Also, if you’ve ever won one of these auctions before, I’d love to hear about it!

11 thoughts on “Uni Watch: Admirals Reveal 2014 Pink Jerseys”

  1. I really like this design, a lot more than the ones from the past few years. Had I not won an auction at the celebrity serve, I may have tried bidding on one of them this year… although they tend to go for far above my budget!

  2. anniephq: They do go up in price, but -for a game worn jersey- it’s pretty cool. I always think for the right specialty jersey it’d be worth it. The retro sweaters from last year were a pretty big hit in that respect. I never won or took part… but really wanted a Puustinen retro style jersey. Just like you said – budget.

  3. The auction I won at the Celebrity Serve was actually for a game used jersey of the player of my choice – so I’m going to get a game used Moser jersey sometime near the end of the season, I’m not sure which jersey, but either way, I’m super excited. Had I known what these ones looked like though, I may have saved my money and bid on them. Although, the auction didn’t go nearly as high as I thought it would, so I got a good deal and I’m thrilled about it.

  4. Best of the pink jerseys. I’ve told the admirals staff to check out teams like Rockford, Hershey , Reading. They have awesome designs and not like boring ADS Olympic style. Some are good, most are not attractive to get high bids. I’ve bought many of admirals specialty jerseys in the past. A few for me, most for friends . I’ll b bidding Friday. Bid high bid offer. Unlimited budget….

  5. Randall: Haha, fantastic! Are there certain players you’re aiming for? I also agree with you – some of the more recent gimmick-y unis have been a bit either bland or just not attractive. I did like the retro from last year, but that was the first in some time… and I do admit to being a sucker for the retro Brewers jersey even if it looked plain bizarre on the ice!

    Also, with these pink jerseys being mainly black with pink accents.. anyone else thinking Bret Hart or just me? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dqMNuit1dM0

  6. The good jerseys were the st Patricks day, retro brewers, retro admirals Quebec style. I have traveled to Hershey for a few jerseys, Chicago Express echl for their st Patricks day bubbly jersey . The Admirals have an excellent ticket staff and merchandise staff, but I don’t know who thinks up the jerseys ? I think owner or GM? Nathan Harker said they would have another one later?

  7. Hmmmm… probably going to be the jerk here, and while I do enjoy these sweaters far above any pink theme we’ve seen in the past, between this and the NFL’s October, the Breast Cancer awareness has grown stale for me. I’d like to see a pro sport go in a new direction… How about the male side? Prostate cancer? Or just something non sex-specific. Before anybody jumps down my throat, my mother is currently being treated for it (and is doing fine). I guess I would just appreciate a change of pace to something that doesn’t see nearly as much recognition as this already has.

  8. I guess I’m the only one who doesn’t like this new alt jersey. In my mind, the point of an alternate jersey is for it to actually be different. This one looks just like our normal jerseys, with pink instead of white, and the ribbon behind the logo. At least past years’ designs actually had a different design/look.

  9. Mark: I actually click with you here. The NFL’s month long (back to back) pink and then camo-athon is actually a scam in my eyes. It’s more about the NFL trying to pocket an extra cent than actually just make a massive donation on their part. That said, for one game… Admirals doing this isn’t too bad. Plus any type of fan service where people can big on game worn player jerseys (one off ones at that) is pretty cool. Thankfully the NHL/AHL doesn’t tip the scales like the NFL.

  10. CreedFeed: Welp, it’s not a new alternate or anything. It’s just the one game and done variety. Last year the team wore the pink uni, Donald Driver special, for three games. I actually like that this isn’t an “in your face” pink jersey. Basically just the road with a swap of Lake Michigan blue for the pink.and a background ribbon/logo. Simple… nothing that makes my eyes burn out. Rumor is Bob Costas took a look at some of our other specialty uniforms from recent years and his eyes just bugged out.

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