The Chatterbox, Vol. 15

Not even a trolling Roscoe was enough to prevent Adam Cracknell’s game-winning shootout goal. (Photo Credit: Scott Paulus)

Yesterday the Admirals tasted defeat in the shootout to the Wolves. It was the sixteenth occasion in which the Ads played beyond regulation and they suffered their eleventh defeat in such circumstances. In the whole of last season the team played in fifteen overtime or shootout games – and they won eighth of them. Why do you feel that area has been such a sore spot for the team this season? I’d love to hear your responses on that question – because I, for one, am fairly stumped.

A question that someone asked me deserves some answering as well. The question: when was the last time the Admirals have even scored a shootout attempt? The Admirals, over there last three shootout games, have missed their last ten-straight shootout attempts. You have to go back to Jan. 19 @ Oklahoma City (L, 5-4) when Simon Moser last scored an Admirals shootout attempt.

The Admirals have been hit and miss ever since the three-in-three // home-away-home series with the Rockford IceHogs. Since the start of that stretch the Admirals have had a record of 3-2-1-2 (9 points from 8 games). It hasn’t been as bad as it could be – but it also hasn’t looked as sharp on the ice, even in some of those wins, as it has been this season. I feel the best thing about the AHL All Star break for the team is it allows the players to get out of the day-to-day hockey mind set a little, take some time off, and get back with the mental slate cleaned up after two-straight games where they either didn’t show up or lost control. R&R, peoples. It always helps.

After the shootout loss to the Chicago Wolves I spoke with head coach Dean Evason. After his presser I chatted with Kevin Henderson and Colton Sissons. This is what they had to say following yesterday’s game.

Dean Evason gives a walkthrough of the game:

Evason on the shootout:

Evason talks about the shorthanded goals against:

Evason on Mazanec’s performances of late:

Evason breaks down the team’s special teams:

Evason speaks about his potential goaltending options when all get healthy:

Kevin Henderson on scoring his sixth goal of the season:

Henderson talks about the recent stretch of games the Ads have battled through:

Henderson’s assessment of his season to date:

Henderson chats about what he and the team will be up to during the All Star break:

Colton Sissons describes his late call up to Nashville on Saturday:

Sissons travel plans continue with the AHL All Star game:

Sissons on being a part of a competitive AHL All Star Game against Färjestad BK:

Sissons talks about the AHL Skills Competition:

Sissons’ thoughts of his play in Nashville this season:

Sissons talks about Simon Moser scoring his first NHL point:

~Key Quotes~

“[The Admirals] didn’t let up. We just didn’t manage the puck correctly in a 3-1 hockey game. We score that goal – and every puck should go deep – and we should just grind the game out – and we gave them the game. [The Wolves] didn’t take the game. We gave them the hockey game because of our unintelligent hockey plays.” Dean Evason

“I think [the shootout] sucks. I think it sucks.” Dean Evason

“I hate the shootout. But, it’s in our game. I know it is exciting for fans and stuff but, as a coach, you certainly don’t like the game to be decided by individual one-on-one skill.” Dean Evason

“There is no reason to give up a two-on-one on the power-play. We have five guys and they’ve got four. It’s just a perfect example of us unintelligently giving them a goal.” Dean Evason

“It’s disappointing. We talk about managing the puck and making intelligent decisions. We’ve made a lot of mental errors and we haven’t talked about our group a lot making those types of mistakes here.” Dean Evason

Comments on the comments? Agree or disagree with some of head coach Dean Evason’s assertions post-game?

4 thoughts on “The Chatterbox, Vol. 15”

  1. “We just didn’t manage the puck correctly in a 3-1 hockey game. We score that goal – and every puck should go deep – and we should just grind the game out – and we gave them the game. [The Wolves] didn’t take the game. We gave them the hockey game because of our unintelligent hockey plays.” —-COULDN’T AGREE MORE!!! Really gave it away yesterday.

    Next time you get a chance could you ask coach about getting out shot each game? Maz can only do so much.

  2. I agree with the assessment that Milwaukee needs to continue work on learning to finish games, but yesterday’s game was also a hard lesson about learning how to win games that maybe you shouldn’t. Chicago was the better team overall on Sunday despite a slow first period. Milwaukee suffered through extended periods of play in their own zone in both the second and third.

    However, the two points were there to steal yesterday. Maz was awesome (though he didn’t say it, all of the odd man rushes must have drove coach Evason crazy), and Milwaukee had a pair of frustratingly close point blank chances for an overtime winner in the final minute.

    Though the standings don’t mean too, too much at this point with 29 games to go, Sunday’s loss was a huge swing in points. Had Milwaukee won in regulation (after being up 3-1 in the third period):

    5th-Chicago: 26-17-3-2, 57 points
    6th-Milwaukee 23-14-6-4, 56 points.

    In OT (or a basically in a shootout):
    5th-Chicago: 26-16-4-2, 58 points
    6th-Milwaukee: 23-14-6-4, 56 points.

    Instead of current:
    5th-Chicago 27-16-3-2, 59 points
    6th-Milwaukee 22-14-6-5, 55 points.

    Amazing what a difference that would have made. Pencil this game on your schedule if the Admirals are going to Chicago for a playoff series this spring and not playing the Wolves at their BMO Harris Bradley Center home.

  3. The coach’s comments about giving up a two-on-one while on a power play is obviously understandable – no one wants or should be giving those up while on a PP, however is that not a weakness or flaw within our system? We talked about this in the past here. With our current setup, we only have one guy up top. If an errant pass or a deflected pass/shot flys out of the zone and the opposing D reads it correctly, they usually will end up pulling a two-on-one. Teams who are especially aggressive on the kill, like the Wolves yesterday, can reap the benefits of our setup if we don’t execute. We’ve seen a bunch of short handed goals this year, much more than in previous years. Aaron Sims mentioned this on the radio post-game show yesterday. I’m guessing our setup is one (if not THE) cause of this.

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