Salomaki: Meme Misconduct

As has been pretty well discussed here at the Roundtable: last night’s game was really bad. Yet, of one of the worst moments of the night, Milwaukee Admirals photographer Scott Paulus captured Miikka Salomaki’s boarding major and game misconduct rather brilliantly.

If Michael Bay or Quentin Tarantino directed hockey. (Photo Credit: Scott Paulus)

It’s a brilliant photo. Miikka Salomaki is somewhat in the realization that he may have overdone it. Peter Andersson is in a world of pain. And various fans are either in shock or in a state of pure guffaw. It’s just such a photo that I figured, for as bad as last night’s game was, let’s have a laugh.






Hey, we have to be able to find some sort of light with all the dark – especially in a game flooded in dark like yesterday’s. It’s a long season. Games like yesterday happen. And it is a reminder that, for as many overtime or shootout losses as the Ads can have, earning a point in any circumstance -in the long run- can help masks painful defeats such as this. They’ll be back in the groove soon enough – possibly even as soon as tomorrow afternoon.

5 thoughts on “Salomaki: Meme Misconduct”

  1. I have seen worse hits and just a 2 minute penalty. I can’t the last time I have seen a 5 minute power play not to mention the game misconduct. I can see the boarding call, but the rest just ridiculous.

  2. Actually, mentioning any director in the same breath as Michael Bay could be rather insulting to the other director. Although mentioning Uwe Boll in the the same breath may be rather insulting to Bay. Heck, maybe they should co-direct a movie together. The result would either be one of the most awful films of all time – to the point of sacrilege with regards to film as both art and entertainment – or – cancelling each other’s negatives out – one of the greatest films ever made. I’m betting on the former. LOL! Anyhoo…

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