Good Guy Charles

“Good Guy” Charles-Olivier Roussel scored his first career AHL goal last night. (Photo Credit: Scott Paulus)

For those who follow the Roundtable on Twitter or my personal Instagram you will frequently catch me using the term, Good Guy [insert player name here]. For those who wonder where that comes from, why I use it, and why a guy like Charles-Olivier Roussel is perfectly cast as a frequent Good Guy – allow me to explain.

I am an Internet nerd. Simple as that. It starts with the Good Guy Greg meme (example) and translates into the Admirals when I see random acts of kindness. Mark Van Guilder won’t let Roscoe play table tennis but Joe Piskula will? Good Guy Piskula. …and I still can’t believe in that anti-bullying video run on the jumbotron during games good ol’ Van Guilder tells our loveable mascot he sucks.

So, why does Charles-Olivier Roussel turn up as one of the frequent names on the hashtag Good Guy mentions from the Roundtable? Well…

He also is one of the more frequent Admiral players to toss pucks over the glass to young fans around the rink during the pre-game skate. It often looks something along the lines of this from my eagle’s nest on press row. And, while he is by no means the only Admiral player to be very fan friendly, I feel there are few who openly enjoy doing it as often as Good Guy Charles. Which is exactly why, from his teammates and fans alike, his first AHL goal last night was fantastic to see.

What is your favorite interaction or moment with an Admirals player? Who comes to your mind as your favorite “Good Guy” in Milwaukee?

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