The Chatterbox, Vol. 7

(Photo Credit: Scott Paulus)

The Ads lost another one-goal contest to the Amtrak Rivals last night, 2-1. There was plenty to talk about after this game with the Wolves. Forsberg’s return to game action since his MVP performance at World Juniors. Hellberg making a second consecutive start for the first time in nearly two months. And, oh yeah, Bryan Rodney made a play or two last night which ignited the Anti-Rodney Thunderdome amongst Ads fans.

After the game I spoke with Dean Evason, Bryan Rodney, Filip Forsberg, and Magnus Hellberg. Here is what they had to say following last night’s tough loss.

Dean Evason comments on the team’s performance against the Wolves:

Evason discusses the team’s problem conceding shorthanded goals:

Evason on Hellberg’s performance in net:

Evason talks about facing the Lake Erie Monsters:

Evason on Scott Valentine’s availability for Lake Erie after being a healthy scratch:

Bryan Rodney describes his second period turnovers:

Filip Forsberg’s thoughts on the game:

Forsberg describes his recent and busy travel schedule:

Forsberg on playing at home, in Sweden, for World Juniors:

Forsberg on when he might return to Nashville:

Magnus Hellberg talks about this chapter of the Amtrak Rivalry:

Hellberg on how he viewed the start to the second period:

Hellberg speaks towards the positives moving into the game with Lake Erie:

Key Quotes:

“Can’t fault [Magnus Hellberg] on the two goals. I mean, he was kind of hung out to dry.” Dean Evason.

“[Scott Valentine] certainly has an opportunity to play tomorrow night.” Dean Evason.

“The first [turnover] I just mishandled it. I sort of looked up before I had it. Sort of like a receiver looking to run before catching the ball. You make mistakes like that in a tight checking game sometimes they end up in your net and that cost us tonight.” Bryan Rodney.

“I’m just trying to play as good as possible and hopefully [Nashville] send me up as quick as possible, but I can’t really do anything else but than just play as good as possible.” Filip Forsberg.

“It’s some bad goals and good goals. I mean that shot [by Dmitrij Jaskin] was a good shot even though we want to prevent that to happen. Then the second goal I think they scored on our mistake as well. [Keith Aucoin] did a little toe drag, which got me off a little bit, and he put it back top shelf over my glove. That was probably the one that I want to have back.” Magnus Hellberg.

Short and sweet: this is an extremely accountable hockey team. I’m expecting a positive energy from the team today who are looking to (A) bounce back from a tough loss and (B) get some revenge against the Lake Erie Monsters. Silver lining? The Monsters are coming into today’s game in the last of a three-in-three where they’ve played a physical series in Rockford where the IceHogs won both games: Friday, 4-3. Saturday, 6-1. To clarify Evason in regards to the last time the Ads defeated the Lake Erie Monsters: March 16, 2012: 5-4 (OT). Time to flip the script.

Reaction to any comments made? Do you feel Evason will sit Rodney in favor of Valentine for today’s game? Will Hellberg start for a third consecutive game or should we anticipate the man who literally fought the Monsters last time they met – Scott Darling?

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