Filip Forsberg returning to MKE

(Photo credit to Ludvig Thunman)

Here’s some news to start off your morning: Filip Forsberg will be in town when the team faces off with Chicago and Lake Erie this weekend.

This will mark Forsberg’s third trip with the Milwaukee Admirals this season: the first was to allow him to play more minutes and the second was a matter of conditioning after his month off from a concussion. With the Ads he has played seven games and posted eight points (three goals, five assists). To this point, he has managed to play in twelve games with the Nashville Predators scoring five points (one goal, four assists) – including a month absence due to injury.

For those who did not follow Forsberg’s progress in the recent 2014 IIHF World Junior Championship you missed out. He picked up the tournament’s MVP honors while putting up a hefty twelve points (four goals, eight assists) in seven games for Team Sweden. Sadly, he wasn’t able to secure gold in front of his home country – Sweden was defeated by Finland 3-2 in OT. Still, when you think about him missing a month and then playing a few games with the Ads before World Juniors: that’s a heck of tournament for a player who might not have been back to full-speed yet.

How long do you see Forsberg staying with the Ads this go-round? Can we expect more of his World Juniors output this weekend?

7 thoughts on “Filip Forsberg returning to MKE”

  1. When does the NHL shut down for the Olympics? One has to assume he’ll be in Milwaukee during that time span too, since he’s not participating in the Olympics?

  2. CreedFeed: That’s a brilliant question and point. Nashville’s schedule cuts from Saturday Feb. 8th at home against the Ducks and resumes on Thursday Feb. 27th at home against the Lightning. Not sure of the yo-yo effect for Forsberg but, depending on how they want to use him, I could just as easily see him sticking from now until that game against the Lightning here with the Ads. I think they want him to churn out some big time playing minutes and I’m not sure they can give him what they want, in terms of development, on a third line basis.

  3. I’m so excited to be able to see him play tonight. I’ve missed him the other times he was with the Ads. While I don’t think he belongs in the AHL, it’s good for him to get the playing time as he won’t get it with the Preds due to the fallacious belief that you have to play all the guys getting paid more even if said guys aren’t winning you games.

  4. Fan in the Falls: Everything that I’ve read since he finished World Juniors out of Nashville camp is, “we don’t want to put him in a position to fail.” I don’t know what that says about their team now that he’s here, pretty much summed up what you said to be honest, BUT they clearly want him playing as many minutes to develop and mature as possible. With us probably seeing him down during the Olympic break… curious to see just how long this stint will be. I can see him staying from now until after the Olympic break but can easily see him out of here after a good weekend.

  5. Whatever is going on in the minds of Poile and Trotz is not working well for them, but I’ll take the extra time we get with Forsberg!

  6. Fan in the Falls: I think it’s just about maturing for Forsberg. As great as his World Juniors was, they must see something lacking for him to earn quality playing time at the NHL level. So, rather than waste away time learning by logging third or fourth line minutes (which he in no way projects to play on), push him harder in Milwaukee. Sounds like a win/win for the Preds (long term) and Ads (short term).

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