Scott Darling Tabbed December’s Goalie of the Month

(Photo credit to Scott Paulus)

Surprise, surprise! Scott Darling has been selected as the CCM/AHL Goalie of the Month for his efforts in December.

No shocker there considering just how outstanding his numbers were in December: played in eight games, made seven starts, has a record of 6-1-0-0, has allowed 1.12 goals a game, has a 0.964 SV%, and two shutouts.

Who saw this coming at the start of the year? Just another example of how stacked the Nashville Predators organization is between the pipes… or how great it is to have a guy like Ben Vanderklok around!

Would you like to see Darling continue carrying the load in net? How long do you see this level of play from Darling continue for the Ads? What does this do to the mind of Hellberg – deflate or ignite?

3 thoughts on “Scott Darling Tabbed December’s Goalie of the Month”

  1. Congrats to Scott! He definitely deserves it. Right now, I honestly would say that once Pekka Rinne comes back, Magnus should get sent down to Cincy to see if he can get his game back. I know the Ads are a development team for the Preds, but I still want to see wins and Darling has been doing great.

  2. Fan in the Falls: I’m with you. I think only a lapse in Darling’s game and a series of wins for Hellberg changes that from happening – whenever Pekka returns. In fact when Pekka makes his expected conditioning assignment with the Ads is probably when Hellberg goes to Cinci with the eventual swap of Pekka and Mazanec happening afterwards. Mazanec has played great, but they do not want him to sit out in time spent developing. Same reason why I see Hellberg heading to Cinci purely based on current circumstances. Mags needs to get out of this funk by playing through it – not sitting and thinking it over. I wouldn’t think of him heading to Cinci as a bad thing at all for his long term development.

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