The Chatterbox, Vol. 5

(Photo Credit: Scott Paulus)

There is no going around it. Last night’s 3-2 loss at home to the Charlotte Checkers was a downer. The spirits were through the roof after a blazing victory over the top team in the Western Conference the night before. Then a harsh dose of reality.

The truth is, it is an incredibly long season with highs and lows like this happening all the time. What’s so disappointing is that you don’t expect such a swing to happen so quickly in the space of twenty-four hours. There was plenty of confidence going in. There was a rocking house. Yet it all seemingly went out the window after the Checkers first shot of the game in the opening minute. The Ads rallied to get two goals back in the first period but failed to finish off a much weaker team than the Griffins in the Checkers – who really controlled most of the game from the second period onwards.

It was a bummer. And that mood carried over into the post-game interviews with Magnus Hellberg, Dean Evason, and Zach Budish.

Magnus Hellberg on getting pulled from last night’s game:

Hellberg discusses the three goals allowed last night:

Hellberg in regards to playing in less games:

Dean Evason on last night’s game:

Evason’s reasoning behind pulling Hellberg:

Evason’s answer to the question, what’s happening with Hellberg in net:

Evason talks about the line of Liambas-Tousignant-Budish:

Zach Budish describes his work with Liambas-Tousignant:

Budish describing the line’s work ethic:

Budish talks about the highs and lows of the last two games:

Thoughts on tomorrow’s game in Iowa? What can we expect? (don’t say the unexpected) Will there be any sort of a hangover effect from this game – positive or negative? The team travels to Iowa this afternoon. Could something like getting on the road be an instant refocus after the loss to Charlotte?

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