Getting In The Christmas Spirit, Part II

1Christmas-logoHowdy Roundtable! The Christmas break for the Ads starts today and ends when they battle on Boxing Day with the diabolical Grinch-y Griffins. As I expect, most of you like me, will be taking in the holiday festivities until then. Therefore it is my pleasure to bring back the next Christmas installment of Admirals Roundtable! I chatted with several members of the team about their upcoming plans for the holidays. I also asked them that age old question, what is on your Christmas list?

The Admirals Christmas Plans & More

“This Christmas I think I’m just going to stay local. My girlfriend lives in Buffalo Grove, IL, so I’m gonna go down there and be spending the day with her family. Memory-wise, growing up, every Christmas Eve, we had a huge family, and everyone would go to my Grandmother’s house. There would be trays and trays of food. Memories that I have, as a little kid, I remember going outside and looking for Santa Claus and stuff! It’s definitely a good memory there.” ~Anthony Bitetto

“Fortunately for me I’m from Chicago. I’m actually on Sunday just going to stay down after the game and see family. It’s nice. I usually don’t get to make it home for Christmas. So, I’m excited about it.” ~Scott Darling

“I don’t know if I’ll be back here or if I’m not going back to Sweden I might be back here in Milwaukee. If I go back to Nashville, either way, I’ll hopefully have a pretty good Christmas! We’ll see.” ~Filip Forsberg

UPDATE: Since we spoke, Forsberg was announced to Team Sweden for World Juniors. That means he is officially heading home for Christmas – and suiting up for his home country, in his home country, for the tournament. That has to be pretty special for him considering his month long injury nearly cost him that opportunity.

“I’m actually flying down to Nashville because, if [Filip] Forsberg leaves for World Juniors, [Mattias] Ekholm is going to be alone up there. So I am heading down there to celebrate with him.” ~Magnus Hellberg

“I’m actually just sticking around here for the first time in awhile. It’s been awhile since we’ve had a nice long Christmas break. It’s funny because our families has grown so much, the family back home and extended family, that we can’t really get together anymore. But, as a kid, it was awesome. My mom’s side is Lebanese and we would have these huge Lebanese feasts with like forty or fifty cousins, that kind of thing, aunts and uncles. It was great. All the food was unreal. And they were so rowdy because there was so many people. Miss those early years as a kid. Just a little too hard to do that now-a-days.” ~Mark Van Guilder

“I’m the only guy from Wisconsin so it’s easy for me to head up home to Antigo for like a three hour drive. I’m going to go up there for three days and be with some family. It’ll be nice.” ~Joe Piskula

“I’m just going to stay in Milwaukee with all the Finish guys like Salomaki and Jarvinen. Make some good dinner.” ~Joonas Rask

“My family is in town. So, I’m pretty fortunate that they’re coming down – my two sisters, my parents. It should be a lot of fun. We’re probably going to have a big dinner and just spend time together.” ~Charles Roussel

“I’m actually staying here this year. We have a tough break so I’ll spend the time here with the guys. Hopefully my family comes down. We’ll have a late Christmas this year.” ~Joshua Shalla

The Admirals Christmas List

“I’m not sure. Just some clothes. Hopefully try and get my parents a trip out here. Not sure. I haven’t really made a list this year! I got the Xbox One. I’m loving that thing. I just gotta get more people to get it. It’s fun. Keeps me busy!” ~Anthony Bitetto

“I wanted a new travel bag. I think my girlfriend got it for me. So, that’s all I really wanted. It’s nice now that I’m older that I can buy gifts for other people. So I got a lot of Admirals apparel going out to my little cousins.” ~Scott Darling

“I actually got what I needed from my mom. I got a package just before I got here to Milwaukee. So, that’s just what I needed!” ~Filip Forsberg

“I don’t know. I’m hard to buy for. I just don’t really need anything. My dad is the same way. He’s really really tough guy to get gifts for. But me, and my brothers and sisters, figured out about three or four years ago that a gift card for Joe’s – an outdoor sporting goods store. We got him one for his Birthday and he loved it. I think every Christmas, Birthday, Father’s Day since he’s gotten the Joe’s gift card and he loves it just as much every time.So, if it’s not broke don’t fix it!” ~Mark Van Guilder

“Nothing special. Just goals! I need more goals!” ~Joonas Rask

“Probably some clothes. I need to step up my clothes game this year. Hopefully the parents come through on that one. I don’t really ask for much. I have a good life. It’s fun playing hockey for a living.” ~Joshua Shalla

“A few things. I’m asking for a guitar. I want to learn to play the guitar. I want some nice brown leather boots. Maybe, if Santa is involved, I’d take a new bow and arrow. I want to get into hunting. And maybe some stuff for wakeboarding.” ~Joe Piskula

For those who don’t know, the Ads guitar maestro just so happens to be Mark Van Guilder. Luckily I heard from Piskula before Van Guilder so I was able to ask the guitar expert for shopping advice on Piskula’s behalf. What guitar should he get?

“One that plays itself. Because I’ve heard him play before!” ~Mark Van Guilder

What are your plans this year? Any big items on the Christmas list or surprise items that you purchased for family members – a la Red Ryder B.B. gun?

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