The Chatterbox, Vol. 4

(Photo Credit: Scott Paulus)

Last night the Ads shutout the San Antonio Rampage by a 4-0 final. After the game I managed to catch up with Dean Evason, Filip Forsberg, and Scott Darling who gave their thoughts on the game.

Also, we at the Roundtable were given a bonus treat when Mike Liambas joined myself and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Dave Boehler to interview Scott Darling after the game.

Dean Evason on Vinny Saponari’s gameplay so far as an Admiral:

Evason on Forsberg:

Evason on Darling:

Evason on the amount of bodies in camp right now:

Filip Forsberg describes his return to game action:

Forsberg on his two power-play goals:

Forsberg his familiarity with the Ads:

Scott Darling talks about the team’s performance:

Mike Liambas interviews Scott Darling:

A couple of notes from this.

First off, because you get the audio to Liambas and not the visual: he walked up between myself and Mr. Boehler, took out a cellphone (which was clearly off), and sat in for that entire first question and answer from Darling. How Darling didn’t laugh through that was incredible. Secondly, Mike Liambas is a TV show waiting to happen – or might put reporters like me out of work.

Less on the funny side and more on the hockey analysis side: it is very interesting to hear Evason describe monitoring Forsberg’s ice time in last night’s game. He said they had him out there for around thirteen minutes but could have logged more. With the weekend set of three games in three days – I think they look to the greater picture in not overwhelming Forsberg right away. Though, if last night was him overwhelmed, I can’t wait to see him relaxed and fully game ready… might have to travel to Nashville to see that after World Juniors, though.

What are your thoughts on tonight’s game in Rockford? Does last night fire you up for these two road games with divisional opponents? Can Forsberg actually top last night’s game in any of these two road games? Should Darling get another game this weekend – or will Hellberg play the next two games?

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