Rough Night; Ads shutout 5-0 in Grand Rapids

The Admirals lost badly in Grand Rapids Saturday night. The Griffins shutout the Ads 5-0 in large credit to a four-point night for Cory Emmerton. As bad as that scoreline sounds this game could have been a completely different story if the Ads capitalized on their power-play, which went 0-9. If you ask me, the Ads really can’t get out of the state of Michigan fast enough.

This game started off with a taste of last night’s game in mind. Mike Liambas dropped the gloves with ex-Admiral Jordin Tootoo. It’ll be great to get the video highlights of this one. Sounded like it ended in a draw, but –as fighting goes– these two would match up nicely. The fight took place less than thirty-seconds into the game.

The Griffins response off the fight was swift. The defending Calder Cup champs popped in two-goals on three shots in the opening 5:22 of the first period. The first goal came from Cory Emmerton who snapped a shot into the top shelf past Ads starting goalie Magnus Hellberg. The second goal came just 2:24 later when Calle Jarnkrok beat the glove of Hellberg to make it a fast 2-0 Griffins lead.

Round II between Liambas and Tootoo took place 10:28 after their opening fight. This one sounded a bit more lively than the first tussle. A few good blows were landed for both and ended with a Liambas take down.

In the second period the Griffins were able to score two more goals to make it 4-0. Landon Ferraro deflected a low wrist shot from the point by Alexey Marchenko for the third goal of the game. Next came a shorthanded effort by Emmerton for his second goal of the game. The shorthanded rush started with Landon Ferraro who fed the puck over to Emmerton who beat Hellberg to push the gap between the two sides miles beyond reach. This was the sixth shorthanded goal allowed by the Admirals this season.

After Mark Van Guilder went to the box, the Ads had their best opportunity to score a goal on a shorthanded breakaway. The man on the shorthanded attack was Kevin Henderson who went for a backhanded effort. The shot was denied by Tom McCollum and it may have been the biggest save of the thirty-one he posted in his shutout performance.

Moments right after the chance for Henderson, the Ads were lucky to avoid yet another Griffins goal thanks in part to a quick whistle. Pulkkinen managed to poke the puck past Hellberg but the referees had already blown play dead. Despite the lamp being lit, the goal horn blasting, and fans going bananers the goal was waved off nearly as fast as the puck crossed the line. Perhaps a bit of a mercy whistle on the officials part.

For good measure, the Griffins added a power-play goal late in the third period to make it a 5-0 final score. The goal went to Pulkkinen and an assist went to Cory Emmerton – giving him a four-point night (two goals, two assists).

The game finished off with a fight between Joonas Jarvinen and Brennan Evans. The fight was a slow one. They do match up like heavy weights compared to Liambas versus Tootoo. While this game was a rough one for the Ads – the team showing its grit throughout these two games in Grand Rapids said a lot about their physical playing attitude. The last time they came into Grand Rapids, ahead of these two games, was a 5-0 loss where the Ads were skated circles around. The tempo was set in yesterday’s tilt with three fights. Tonight, there were another three fights. They might not have shown up tonight offensively but the Ads are in no way a team to be walked over. Despite a rough set with the Griffins – at least there is some major fight shown by everyone on the team.

Thoughts on tonight’s game? Thoughts on these two games in Grand Rapids? What is it about playing the Griffins that brings out the worst in the Ads? Is this a let down performance by Magnus Hellberg or more-so the team in front of him? What happened to the Admirals power-play that looked back in stride during the games at home against the Barons?

9 thoughts on “Rough Night; Ads shutout 5-0 in Grand Rapids”

  1. Hellberg did not look good. While the D could have helped out on a couple, he just seemed slow to react, or out of position, or something. I dunno. The PP was horrendous.Tonight we looked like you’d expect a team to look on the tail end of a 3-in-3. Normally we’ve done much better in 3-in-3’s. Hope they just forget this weekend and move on.

    On that note, I’d like to say Grand Rapids is a nice place to see a game. The people are very friendly and accommodating to out-of-town fans. If you haven’t been to a game in GR, you should plan on it. Only about 4.5 hour drive from Milwaukee.

  2. The Grand Rapids Goons come to town on December 26th. Boxing Day. Remember these two games Admirals fans and come out to support your team!

  3. CreedFeed: I actually hope they don’t forget this weekend because the Griffins showed the Ads enough of their flaws in a two game stint that this should be a busy practice week leading up to Friday’s game against San Antonio. I’m going to try and catch some of the practices, if I can get to them, and get some chatter from the guys. I would anticipate a team ready to run through walls on Friday.

  4. Creed: Absolutely agreed on seeing a game in Grand Rapids. I’ve made a couple of trips…they’re a little rowdier on $2 beer night…. but it’s a nice place to see a game. Do they still have the hot-dog launcher?

    (In a related story…I’ve been advised that the Monday January 6th game is going to be a $2 beer night in Milwaukee…. Tell your friends….awfully nice of the Bradley Center, after having the Admirals move a weekend game to a Monday night to accommodate Miley)

    Saw the highlights….Magnus needs to come up with some of those saves.

    While Grand Rapids is a very very good team, I don’t think the team necessarily brings out the worst in the Admirals. The Griffins have five regulation losses on the season….two of them were against Milwaukee. While the three Admiral losses haven’t been pretty, the wins were pretty good, against a very talented team. Bad effort last night, but that happens.

  5. Ryan – yes, they had $2 beers on Friday night, didn’t seem to be any problems in the arena. They only sell the $2 beers for the first hour of the game. They also had the hot dog launcher. One dog came close to me. A lady in the row behind me, about 4 seats over got hit in the head with a piece of a dog that basically exploded lol. They do the hotdog launcher in the 2nd intermission. In the first they do the t-shirt gatling gun. It shoots like 8 tshirts in the span of a few seconds.

    And I heard the Jan 6th game will have $2 beers, hotdogs, and lots of other concessions will be offered at discounted prices. Also season ticket holders will get free parking…

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