Shalla Heading to Cincinnati

(Photo credit to Scott Paulus)

This afternoon the Ads assigned left winger Joshua Shalla to the Cincinnati Cyclones of the ECHL. This season he has two goals and two assists in sixteen-games.

Last season, Shalla split his time in Cincinnati and Milwaukee. With the Cyclones he produced big numbers: twenty-one goals and seven assists in thirty-seven games. On the flip side, his time with the Ads wasn’t as boisterous: three goals and nine assists in thirty-two games.

Shalla hasn’t entirely looked to be the same player as last season. Perhaps it’s just a lack of minutes playing on the third or fourth lines – or a lack of production meaning playing on the lower line combos? The Cyclones will be playing tonight and tomorrow. Unsure if this move happens late enough where Shalla misses out on tonight’s game, but he’ll certainly be suited up tomorrow if that is the case.

Update: Shalla is already in Cincinnati. He should be good to go for tonight’s game.

Thought’s on this move? How has Shalla looked to you this season? Should this be a short stay for Shalla to log more minutes or a long enough stay to see him produce numbers? What do you think this move says about Vinny Saponari?

3 thoughts on “Shalla Heading to Cincinnati”

  1. I think the length of Shalla’s stay in Cincy is yet to be determined and fully dependent on his performance there and Saponari’s performance with the Ads. Shalla definitley has not left much of an impression this season. If it ends up being a push between the two in terms of performance I’m guessing Shalla will be back with the Ads as he’s the one with an NHL two-way contract rather than Saponari’s AHL contract.

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