The Chatterbox, Vol. 2

(Photo Credit: Scott Paulus)

Last night the Ads topped the Oklahoma City Barons 5-2. Here’s what head coach Dean Evason and company had to say following the game.

Evason on last night’s performance:

Evason on the Ads power-play:

Evason on the speed game of the Ads:

Evason on Taylor Beck:

Evason on the team’s discipline last night:

Evason talks about Scott Darling’s performance in net:

Mike Liambas’ thoughts from last night’s game:

Liambas thinks MacIntyre is a waste of time:

Liambas continued:

Austin Watson on last night’s team performance:

Watson on the second period effort by the Ads:

Scott Darling on his night in net:

Darling on the Predators and Admirals goaltending situation:

The next time the Ads suit up and play will be against this same Barons squad on Thursday. I’ll try and shoot off to a few practices in the meantime to hear more from the team.

Are there any questions you would like to ask the coaches or players? You have my ear – and I’ll ask this coming week if I can.

2 thoughts on “The Chatterbox, Vol. 2”

  1. I absolutely loved the way the Ads played in this one. They skated well passed well and shot well. They played as a team and thats the most important part. That being said I have a couple of things for you. First off Liambas seemed to have injured his shoulder late in the third period. Was this a simple dislocation or is there a bigger problem? He did come back to play but he seemed to be in tremendous pain when he came off the ice after it happened. Secondly this may sound a little juvenile but why do the admirals not come to center ice after a big win like that and salute the fans like other teams around the NHL and AHL. They did it for a few games when McGrattan was here last year. I assumed it had something to do with him and his veteran presence. It would be a nice gesture for season ticket holders who support these guys night in and night out and just for the fans in general. Is there a reason they do not do this or is it just because nobody has really stepped up in the locker room and pushed it upon the younger guys like McGrattan would have when he was here?

  2. Tony: With all due respect, I think that has nothing to do with McGrattan and everything to do with fan attendance in the three home games he attended:

    2/15/13: 5-4 win over San Antonio, 6,680 attendance (Donald Driver appearance // Chris Mueller bobblehead night).
    2/16/13: 8-2 loss to Charlotte, 12,080 attendance (REO Speedwagon concert).
    2/17/13: 3-1 win over Abbotsford, 11,231 attendance (Charity game with $3 tickets sales).

    Bottom line, the team always appreciates the fan support. Games with bigger and louder crowds to go with electric games deserves a curtain call, which is why they’d do it. Right now the Ads are averaging less than 4,000 fans per game… but it’s the start of the season still. I feel the concert nights and winter days really bring in the big crowds and keeps them coming to the end of the year… when there will be bigger reasons to celebrate a win.

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