Getting In The Christmas Spirit, Part I

1Christmas-logoHello Roundtable! While this foggy and misty weather doesn’t quite set the scene – it is December in Wisconsin. Therefore it is getting to be that lovely time of the year where we all get together with family and friends and celebrate the Holiday season. This afternoon I had the chance to speak with members of the team to hear some of their fondest memories of Christmas.

“Just being around our families. I know about the last six years for myself have been away from home, but I’ve always got home for a couple of days at Christmas. Don’t get to see family and friends much throughout the year. Just being around them at that special time is always nice.” ~Taylor Beck

“My whole family lives really close together. So, just to get together Christmas Eve and share some laughs with the whole family is what I love most. There’s not much of a tradition but just getting back home and being with the whole family is great in itself.” ~Kevin Henderson

“Christmas is all about family. Growing up we always had a big family get together and eat lots of food. To think outside of the box a little, I think last year we didn’t have time to go back to Sweden. So all the Swedish guys on the team and their girlfriends went to Chicago for a couple of days and celebrated Christmas there. That was a pretty fun memory for sure!” ~Magnus Hellberg

“Got to be something about childhood. The whole family getting together. Having Christmas presents. Singing. [Favorite present?] Radio Control cars. Those were pretty cool.” ~Joonas Jarvinen

“I think, honestly, when you’re back home being younger, going downstairs. seeing what’s under the tree with your siblings and your parents, and opening gifts. It was usually full of snow outside. So, whatever you got – whether it was a new toboggan or a sled – you could take it out and hit the hills. Just being with family in the morning. Waking up my sister at seven in the morning to go open gifts and her hitting me and telling me to wait an hour.” ~Scott Valentine

“When we were kids – I have an older brother that’s an ’87 and a younger brother that’s a ’90 – and when we were younger we’d always sleep in the same bed the night before Christmas. The one in front of the house because there is a big window in that room – it was my older brother’s room. We’d sleep there and try to listen for Santa. Then we’d wake up in the morning and my dad would pump the Mariah Carey Christmas CD. Every single Christmas. Literally! We’d put our robes on. We all had matching robes. We’d put our robes on, walk down the stairs together, and start opening our gifts – start opening our stockings – while Mariah Carey was singing the whole time. It was pretty funny.” ~Mike Liambas

To hear Liambas tell his own story, which is just fantastic, give a listen:

I’m hoping to get some more players favorite Holiday memories in the coming weeks. In the meantime – what are some of yours? Any great stories or favorite gifts?

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