Doctor Who?

Yesterday I received the keys to this ship from Ryan Miller. I’m sure I join everyone in an immense “thanks” to Ryan who has been the heart and soul of the Roundtable for a long time. In the time I’ve known him he has been nothing short of brilliant. He is a hockey enthusiast with a love of the Ads and its team history. I’m sad that he won’t be around to as many games as he was in the past but I do know he’s off on a great adventure as “the dad” and will no doubt be fantastic at it. Get that kid into hockey, Ryan! Start early!

It being yet another off day I wanted to take the time to introduce myself and let you all ask questions about me, my thoughts on the team, its players, whatever you fancy. So, let’s get a dialogue going. Who is this Daniel Lavender (@Doctor_Lavender) character anyways?

IMG_0148I am a Sconnie sports fan who just so happens to have family here in Wisconsin and in England. My dad was born and raised across the pond. My mum over here in the States. Long story short, I have a world of different perspectives and tastes for things thanks to my experiences traveling to England. Things like: Cornish pasties, a love of football (the other one), Formula 1, MotoGP, a Vanilla Flake cone, different music, and more Cornish pasties. Why nicknamed the Doctor? Well, because I’m the Doctorclearly. If it’s English it gets my stamp of approval… unless we’re talking Manchester City.

For those who might think I sound familiar it is because, last season, I was a public relations intern with the Milwaukee Admirals. I was just coming off of my graduation from the University of Wisconsin-Parkside, English major, and it was a dream opportunity for me to get into the sports field. I learned so much from the team’s front office group, had the chance to really study this team up close, and get into its history as I worked with the team’s 35th Anniversary campaign. I loved every bit of that experience. When offered the chance to stick around through Admirals Roundtable… I couldn’t possibly say no. Everyone involved in the organization is first class and treats one another like family. Hard to imagine a more fun work environment than this one.

From here, I say the floor is all your’s to ask any questions you might happen to have. I will take any and all questions, either in the comment section or over on Twitter (@AdsRoundtable), bring them up to this post, and answer them. Allons-y Admirals Roundtable!

Q&A: Open Thread

Kurtis: Who would win in a goalie fight between Hellberg and Pekka?
DL: Well, I get the feeling it wouldn’t be like DiPietro/Johnson. Two 6’5″ players going at it in full goaltending gear… it would probably be like Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant on ice!

Mike: Do you have a favorite Admirals player?
DL: I try my best to avoid favoritism, but I would say my favorite players to sweep through Milwaukee have been Darren Haydar and Juuso Puustinen. Both had such a calm and smooth playing style on the ice. They were always fun to watch on the ice.

2 thoughts on “Doctor Who?”

  1. A little late on the welcome, but welcome… Nothing personal against Trey from last season, but his writing style just wasn’t my taste, it seemed to lack some of the humor/sarcasm that really made me enjoy coming to this page. Again, just my personal opinion, I’m not trying to hurt any feelings, but I do appreciate the return of something I missed last year.

  2. Mark: Didn’t really know Trey from last season -but- if my writing lacks humor/sarcasm it just wouldn’t be me. Reason why I already love writing here. I get to be me!

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