Filip Forsberg is heading back to Nashville


(Photo credit to Scott Paulus)

The Nashville Predators have made the move to bring Filip Forsberg back up and reassign Taylor Beck to the Milwaukee Admirals.

No real big surprise here. When the move to swap these two took place exactly one week ago it seemed as if the Predators were hoping to get Forsberg some quality minutes on the ice that he wasn’t quite getting in the NHL. The response by Forsberg went something like this:

11/8, @ Texas: 1 goal, 1 assist, -1, 2 shots
11/9, @ Texas: 2 assists, +1, 7 shots
11/10, @ San Antonio: 1 assist, +1, 4 shots
11/13, vs. Grand Rapids: 1 assist, +1, 5 shots

When this roster move happened last week I never really expected to see him play in Milwaukee. He did. For those who had a glance at him last night you probably are not that surprised with this move, either. The talent is completely evident when watching Forsberg play. Considering the Preds are in the midst of a three game losing skid where they have only produced one goal out of three contests – this move had to be made. If Forsberg didn’t play this well and Taylor Beck set the world alight in Nashville – who knows. Fact of the matter is that Beck didn’t make much of an impact when given the chance this go-round: 2 games, 0 points, 2 PIM, -1, and 3 shots on goal. With where the two players stood this move was going to go down before the Predators faced the Penguins and Blackhawks this weekend. Whether or not it will actually boost Forsberg’s NHL production will be another story.

Thoughts on the move? Right call? Should Forsberg have stayed with the Ads a little bit longer or should he have never even have been brought down in the first place? Does Forsberg make an immediate impact upon his return to the Predators this weekend? What should we expect of Taylor Beck returning to the Admirals lineup this Friday?

3 thoughts on “Filip Forsberg is heading back to Nashville”

  1. I was thrilled when I heard he’d been sent down and was going to play in Texas. Probably the only time I’ll ever see him play live. Man he was dynamic.

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