Magnus Hellberg’s New Mask

AHL Admirals Rampage Hockey

While up in Nashville Magnus Hellberg switched up masks. Gone is the Ads design that he wore all of last year and the start of this year. Now his mask features the colors of Nashville. Best news to me? The return of Peter No-tail!




To read more on the design, check out the artist David Gunnarsson’s story on the design process. To boot, here’s more on his previous Hellberg design.

Thoughts on the new design? What are some of your favorite goalie masks of all-time (both in Milwaukee and abroad)?

5 thoughts on “Magnus Hellberg’s New Mask”

  1. Favorite Ads mask, Brian Finley’s predator mask, featuring the Hollywood Predator.
    Outside Milwaukee, always liked Lalime’s Marvin the Martian

  2. Jake: The Finley Predator mask was brilliant!

    I think my favorite Ads/Preds mask goes to this iteration of Rinne’s design:

    I also like a lot of Roberto Luongo’s retro inspired masks.

  3. I agree with both of you, but have to suggest an alternative, the Mike Smith Coyote mask with the roadrunner feather in its mouth.

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