Fox 6 Reporting Magnus Hellberg Callup

(Photo credit:  Scott Paulus)

Hey, good for Fox 6 to give any love to the Admirals on any day other than media day, concert nights, and the playoffs.

They were at Admirals practice today to do a day-in-the-life-of-a-goalie story, and they were there when Coach Evason got the call that Magnus Hellberg was to be on a plane to Nashville tonight.

(Follow the link here for the video….Wordpress is not agreeing with the embed code they provided)

Here are some things that stand out…

First — that conversation between Magnus and the coach….  you can tell Dean was just THRILLED that cameras were there.  Second — I don’t believe for one second that he doesn’t know what the goalie situation is in Nashville.  Third — Kramp suggested that he thought Hellberg was about to be demoted.

Oh, Kramp.  Every Admirals fan is just shaking their head.

Fourth….oh that headline…. Milwaukee Admirals gets called up to the “bigs”.  I hope they change it by the time you read it.  That’s painful.

Nevertheless….credit where credit is due.  Fox 6 broke the story, and they should get the credit for it. And we’re very happy for Magnus.

Nothing is official until the Preds say it is (I’m pretty sure absolutely positive they’re even less pleased about the cameras there than Dean was).  Josh Cooper from the Tennessean tweeted: “For those wondering, Hutton did practice on-ice today. Rinne did not.”

The Admirals are off until Saturday, so in the event that this is just precautionary, we may get Magnus back in time for Saturday’s game against the Texas Stars.  But we’ll be watching Josh Cooper and the Nashville blogs for news on Rinne tomorrow, for sure.

THURSDAY UPDATE:  Magnus won’t be back on Saturday.


4 thoughts on “Fox 6 Reporting Magnus Hellberg Callup”

  1. Just curious. Why would coach and the organization be less than pleased with media being there? It’s not like the callup in this day and age could be some secret maneuver. I would figure ANY kind of press for this team other than a 4 second blurb to read the score on the 10 o’clock would be a good thing.

  2. In my experience, I would argue there are some folks in Nashville that do treat callups like secret maneuvers. I don’t know if it’s because they think there’s some advantage another team can achieve from the information, or maybe they just like reporting the news when they’re ready to report it. There is something to be said for message control.

    I’m sure the Admirals LOVED having the cameras for the feature story. That part is super cool, even if it is Brian Kramp doing the fluff piece. But I believe that Dean and the Predators would probably prefer that the stuff that typically takes place behind closed doors remain that way.

  3. It’s amazing how some people treat a NHL call-up as if it should be issued by The Department of Homeland Security. I find it insulting. The simple fact is Pekka Rinne had a hip scope and will be out of game action for at least a month . Magnus Hellberg get’s a NHL call-up to be the No. #2 goaltender in Nashville,TN. ,,,, Just facts >>>>> not real difficult…..

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