Some Reflection And Some Thank Yous

Ok, so we’ve had a few days for everything to set in.  The Admirals played well, but were beaten by a good team in the Texas Stars.  Since the league doesn’t seem to be in much of a hurry, the next round of the playoffs hasn’t even started yet for any of the teams that advanced.  Hershey and Providence are finishing their series tonight.  It’s taking them 13 days to finish a best-of-5 series.  Seriously..with all this down time….make the first round a best-of-7 series.  Deal with the travel costs.

But looking back on the 2012-13 Admiral season, there were a lot of great things that happened.  So even though the season is over, I encourage you to remember the good times and look forward to the future times.

One of the things that I’ve enjoyed the most this year was watching the players improve their games.  Hellberg, Puustinen, Beck, Latta, Watson, Shalla, Bitetto, Henderson….the list goes on.  They all took giant steps forward in their game over the course of the season.  That’s a credit to both the players and the coaches.  The players for working hard, and the coaches for helping them get their game to a higher level.  That’s the way the system is supposed to work.  It didn’t always translate into wins early on, but towards the end?  Man, this was a fun group to watch.

The regular season finish was great.  The 10-2 record against the Wolves was a treat.  There were some memorable last minute comebacks along the way.  Chris Mueller dropped the gloves and knocked down his opponent.  Mike Liambas may be the best fighter we’ve had since Raitis Ivanans….just a half foot shorter.  I’ve gushed on the record about Magnus Hellberg…so I’ll keep it brief here….But I sure hope we get to see him one more year, and get to watch him become an even better goalie.  Pekka was here for three seasons.  I’d be delighted for a pair from Magnus.

Of course I’m bummed that the season is over.  But Texas played well, and they weren’t jerks.  I’m at peace with it.  I hope you are too.

At this point, I’d like to take a moment to send out some sincere thanks to you.  Thank you for reading the blog.  Whether it’s every day, every week, a couple of times a month, or if you just stumble onto it once in a blue moon…..whether you like to speak your mind, or lurk far away from the comments section….whether you agree or disagree with our opinions….whether you’re a local fan, a Preds fan, or a family member of a player….. thank you so much for reading.  Simply put, without you, there is no blog.  There’s no Furying The Fury without you.

On behalf of Trey, Jason, and myself….thanks for a great season on the Admirals Roundtable.

So the future of the blog?  We’ll continue to post when things of note happen during the off-season.  So do check in and say hi periodically.  And if you’re in to the twitter thing, follow @adsroundtable and @ryanadmirals .

Maybe I’ll even get around to giving the site the graphic design makeover it so desperately needs…we’ll see…

Talk to you soon,


6 thoughts on “Some Reflection And Some Thank Yous”

  1. The real thanks belongs to you guys – the peeps who keep the news flowing on the blog :) Thanks for running a great site!

  2. Thanks to all those involved for putting so much effort into the site. This is one of the only places to get good information on the Ads since they’re not in the “big leagues.” It may not match last summer with the crazy coaching situation, but I think this is going to be an active summer for the Ads via the Preds.

  3. Absolutely thanks to you guys for providing info about this team that the dead tree and other media outlets don’t. Every article here is front page not burried behind everything else the local paper covers. This is a team that is a consistent contender. Good luck and best wishes for a safe offseason to everyone involved with this team! On to October and the start of the 2013-2014 season!

  4. Thanks for all of the game recaps, discussions, info and jokes throughout the year! You guys do a good job keep it up and have a safe and fun summer!

  5. Thank you for a great blog. I appreciate the updates, good reads and insightful comments. Well done.

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