Henderson And Bang To The Preds

(Photo Credit:  Scott Paulus)

So the guy who writes for the Tennessean that isn’t Josh Cooper tweeted and reported yesterday that Kevin Henderson and Daniel Bang are going to join the Preds for their game in Chicago against the Blackhawks tonight.

Coach Barry Trotz (or Tritz, according to the tweet from the guy who writes for the Tennessean that isn’t Josh Cooper) obviously thought he was talking to Josh Cooper, so he gave a thoughtful answer about Henderson’s pending promotion.

“A couple of times (this year) when we were getting lean on forwards, he was the next guy to be called up,” Trotz said. “He was playing well and all that, and then when we would actually need guys when everybody (on the NHL roster) was hurt, he was hurt. So he’s just had some bad timing in terms of playing really well at certain times … This is an opportunity for him to show what he can do.”

I haven’t seen an official press release about it yet from the Preds or the Admirals, and the transactions haven’t posted on the AHL’s page yet.  So nothing is official until it’s official.

It’s official now, say the Admirals, Preds, and AHL website.

I’m hopeful that they’ll be returned back after the game tonight so that they can continue to play for Milwaukee as they finish their season-ending-3-in-3 this weekend.  Cheap travel costs too….Preds are in Chicago tonight, and then the Admirals are in Rosemont Saturday night.  Piece of cake, right?

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