Watson Called Up; Set To Make Predator Debut Tonight

(Photo Credit – Scott Paulus)

Austin Watson didn’t play in last night’s 3-0 shutout over the Checkers.  Today, we officially found out why.

Watson has been recalled to Nashville, and will make his NHL debut tonight against the Blackhawks.

The blogworld and twitterverse are in the process of exploding over this news, so there isn’t too much more for me to add.  Everyone who reads this blog knows how good Watson has been this season overall.  Officially, 20 goals, 16 assists.  Goes to the net, especially on the power play, and is a tremendous shot blocker.

Is this long term or just a cup of coffee?  If this is technically an ’emergency call-up’, then once one of the injured Preds can play again (Gaustad was hurt last night), we should expect Watson sent back.  An NHL team is able to make 4 non-emergency call-ups after the trade deadline.  I don’t know if the paper transactions that took place on the 3rd count, or whether the Ellis and Mueller transactions this week were emergency or otherwise.  Will do some digging on that…

But congrats to Austin Watson, and we hope it’ll be a productive debut tonight.

Ads and Checkers at 2pm.  Preds and Blackhawks play at 6pm.

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