Winchester to stay with Ads, Smith to Nashville

Our good buddy Dave Boehler reported today that the Admirals re-signed Brad Winchester after his 25-game PTO contract expired this week. He’ll play tonight in Rockford.

Winchester has scored five goals in his last seven games after scoring just three in his first 18 games.

Also, Craig Smith is headed back to the AHL, rejoining Nashville in Colorado tonight. He scored a goal and picked up four assists in a four-game conditioning assignment with Milwaukee.

So Roundtable, what’s the impact of these two moves?

Dean Evason was selfishly hoping Winchester would stay, and he got his wish. How crucial was Smith to the recent point streak? How much will Milwaukee miss him?

One thought on “Winchester to stay with Ads, Smith to Nashville”

  1. it was good to see him play i think having guys on the team with that played in the nhl will help the other guys down the road

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