Odds And Ends

Three cheers for Taylor Beck and Chris Mueller….Beck made his NHL debut last night, and Mueller netted his first NHL goal in the third period.

Let’s start with Mueller’s goal.  Easy to post video evidence of it.

(Hmmm, having some issues embedding…just follow the link for now…)

It’s not that different than the kind of goal we have been seeing here for awhile.  Major credit goes to Clune for winning that battle for the puck, and having the awareness to spot Mueller.  And Mueller did a great job finding some open space on that rush, and was able to finish.  Ata boy.

Taylor Beck’s night?  Two shots, one hit, 14:49 time on ice.  But not included in the highlight reels really.   And I didn’t watch the game.  So let’s get some insight from people who DID watch the game.

First, Dirk from On The Forecheck….

Outside of one shift in the third period, simply Beck didn’t stand out very much. Granted, Barry Trotz threw him right into the deep end of the pool, skating alongside Mike Fisher and Martin Erat, so we shouldn’t judge him too harshly. I would expect that once some of the forwards come back from Injured Reserve, Beck’s time in the lineup will be over, but with the NHL regular season running long this year, I imagine he’ll spend a lot of time practicing with the NHL squad once the AHL season completes. At the very least, that gives the Nashville staff a better idea of where he might fit in the fall.

Don’t rule the Admirals out of the playoffs yet!

And Jeremy from Section 303

It was hard to tell whether or not Beck fit in because it wasn’t exactly an ideal situation for Nashville. This was a must-win game. They would be 1-4-0 on a crucial road trip if they lost and a more respectable 2-3-0 if they had won. Also, with a win, they would be on a good note entering the final stretch of the season in which they play 12 of their last 18 at Bridgestone Arena.

Some things I did notice, however: Beck has a huge frame. He’s certainly built like an NHL player. Second, Trotz gave him nearly 15:00 of ice-time in his debut, something rookies don’t usually get (Linus Klassen probably got 15:00 total over a few games with the Preds a couple years ago). So there were some positives.

That being said, I really feel we’ll get to see the true Beck on THR against the Calgary Flames. It’s a home game, the slumping Predators are trying to hit the reset button and it won’t be his 1st NHL game so the jitters and anxiety should be gone. Or, at least, be a different kind.

So Roundtable, how long do you think Beck and Mueller will be up there with the big club?  Who do you think gets sent back first?


Defenseman Jeff Foss has been cleared to play hockey after tearing his ACL in the pre-season game against Rockford many moons ago.  He’s already been assigned to the Cyclones in the ECHL to get back in hockey shape.

So what happens when he is back in hockey shape?  Is there a spot for him to play in Milwaukee?  And if he does play, who sits?  Do you think Valentine has earned his healthy scratches lately?  Would playing time be at the expense of Bitetto?  If Bartley was sent back down, who would you like your 6 D to be?


Dirk has a piece up about a report that Zach Boychuk has been placed on waivers.  Maybe we’ll find out that he’ll be claimed by another team tomorrow — it’d be his 4th NHL team this season.  (It’s like he’s Jesse Orosco or something…..)  Or maybe he’ll be assigned to Milwaukee, and we may get a guy who had 21 goals in 64 games for the Charlotte Checkers last year….just in time to play them three more times this season.


Mike Commodore signed a PTO with the Texas Stars.  He chose #33.  Disappointing.  It’s not like he’s got to fight Victor Bartley for #64.  Come on.  At this point in your career, give the fans what they want!  Anyone have a favorite game from the Commodore 64?  I was a fan of Jumpman.

10 thoughts on “Odds And Ends”

  1. I wish they would keep both guys up and Trade away a few Vets for some high draft picks. I wouldn’t want Beck or Mueller to be sent back. This is their chance to play. I hope they stick.

  2. And we’re kind of getting to a point of no return, where they’ll need to decide whether they’re, buyers, sellers, or watchers at the trade deadline. April 3rd is just around the corner.

  3. beck should be sent down first i think they like mueller more with he fits their style of play more than beck’s game

  4. I think First Timer has got it right, but I don’t see it happening. I think the Preds are going to be watchers this season in regards to making any moves before the trade deadline. No one from the organization will say it, but I’m pretty sure this season is already being mentally chalked in under the “lost season” column. Why spend any money or cause unnecessary stress when there’s very little chance of making the playoffs. That’s unfortunately why I think you’ll see both Beck and Mueller back with the Ads before long.

  5. Boychuk was claimed by Carolina. I hope they put him back on waivers and let Nashville claim him and send him to Milwaukee!! :)

  6. Fan in the Falls why would you think that they will sit back and watch at the trade deadline? Wouldn’t you rather have some more exciting high draft picks showing up in MKE in the next few years rather than more “Waiver” players sent down from other teams? Sooner or later someone has to decide to be a contending team rather than a “garage sale” organization. Lost season or not.

  7. I think they may do something more in the offseason than now. You are right about having to decide to be a contender. I just do not think it will be before the end of this season. I would love them to always be a contender, but they seem similar to the rest of the NHL as the Brewers are to MLB.

  8. Most of Nashville’s best players are playing on other teams. Look at Smithson. Nashville is like those MLB teams that get free agents and have a crappy minor league system

  9. Really? Our minor league system is crappy? Milwaukee has been stacked with talent since joining the Preds organization. Only in the past year or two has the talent declined because the parent club has been buyers at the trade deadline in attempt to win the cup. We’ve developed players well and have had the records to prove it. The only year we didn’t make the playoffs was the first year in the league under head coach Dave Allison.

  10. I don’t say much against the Admirals because I think it’s one of the best minor league teams for it’s NHL partner. They have quite the record of getting players ready for Nashville. What Nashville does with them after the fact isn’t Milwaukee’s fault.

    Boychuk was just assigned to the AHL according to the NHL Network newscrawl. I am guessing he was picked up by Nashville from Carolina previously but under the window of # of days he has to remain on the NHL roster, hence Carolina got a free pass to send him down.

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