Even Al Stensland Would Have Had That One


It should be noted that I’m just going for the easy punchline with Al….but I’ve always kind of liked the guy. I know some of you have some legendary Stensland stories from over the years….but it’s tough to be down on a guy that works for a fire department for his day job.

Tweets from Bob McKenzie this evening:

“I think we can all agree the missed offside that led to COL goal today was a horrendous mistake by the linesman. No doubt about that, but…FWIW, linesman who missed call is one of NHL’s most experienced, accomplished, respected officials. Bad call, yes. Bad official? No way. Linesman obviously was aware Duchene preceded puck over blueline but mistakenly believed NSH, not COL, played puck into zone.”

5 thoughts on “Even Al Stensland Would Have Had That One”

  1. That must of been that peace of #### Jamie Koharski #84 ! He is the worse ref has ever lived good thing his name is Koharski are he would be standing in the soup line home less. Jamie Koharski do you tell your wife how bad you suck at your job ?

  2. Man, tell us how you REALLY feel!

    Yeah, Saturday night was unpleasant. But did you have an issue with his game last Tuesday against Abbotsford? I’d rather have him than plenty of others…Shaun Davis and Mark Lemelin come to mind immediately.

  3. I’ll echo (in part) Goon’s sentiments. I’m not at all on the Jamie Koharski bandwagon, but Ryan also has a point in that there are others equal to his ineptness. At times Mr. Koharski seems to have blinders on, and at others, it appears that he was paid to throw the game. Minor league games get minor league officials, and that at least gives us something to complain about other than the weather :-) .

  4. There’s a reason that Jamie Koharski has remained in this league while others have already been promoted… look at the refs from the Preds game yesterday… Dan O’Rourke and Ghislain Hebert. Both guys we have seen numerous times over the years here doing AHL games. And I know the issue with Jamie Koharski is not some bias of Milwaukee fans. I’ve seen fans of most teams complain about him in the same fashion over on the AHLfans.net forum as well.

  5. Jamie Koharski, Shaun “of the dead from the neck up” Davis and Mark “Lemming” Lemelin. A Murder’s Row of refs who should be banned from the AHL for life! It could be worse, think Derek Martin!

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