Former Ads help Preds break out

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Heading into last night, the Blues were one of the most talked about offensive squads in the NHL. When the final buzzer sounded in St. Louis, however, it was the Predator’s offense that had stolen the show.

Coming in ranked in last place in the league with just 1.88 goals per game, Nashville had relied heavily on the play of Pekka Rinne and Chris Mason. For the first time this season, Rinne got some breathing room thanks to three players who spent a lot of time in Milwaukee during the lockout.

Ryan Ellis gave the Predators an early lead taking a cross-ice feed from Colin Wilson and beating Brian Elliot through his A gap for his second goal of the season.

Former Admiral Nick Spaling made it 3-0 later in the first with his second goal of the season.

The goals kept coming in the second period, when in just his second game of the season, Jon Blum picked up his first point, setting up a Kevin Klein strike.

Then, Gabriel Bourque made it 5-0 with a nice tip-in for his first goal.

Blum and Ellis helped the Preds ice the cake, each assisting on a Martin Erat goal that made it 6-1.

It was certainly a big night for a team that had previously scored just seven goals in its last six road games. To put up those kinds of numbers against the Blues on the road was a huge statement.


So Roundtable, what do you think of the impact Milwaukee’s “Big Three” made last night?

Do you see them helping the offense get turned around in the future? Does it make you wish they were back down here, or are you happy to see them progress.

Again, between Blum, Bourque and Ellis which do you think will have the best stat line at the end of the season?

9 thoughts on “Former Ads help Preds break out”

  1. I have that order too, based on the fact that Ellis seems more involved in the game plan early.

  2. No story on the new Admirals’ signing Michael Liambas (LW)? Curious as to if there’s any word on why they signed him? How he fits in?

  3. Ellis is my pick – love his play – with Bourque next. Don’t know as much about Blum but he seems to have a more limited role at this time so I say he is third.

  4. Blum belongs in the echl he is a lazy bastard he comes to milwaukee he skates like a high school kid would get rid of him

  5. Michael Liambas- looks like we found our goon.

    2012-13, 1 game with Cincinnati, 20 pim. I wonder how many times he’ll be scrubbed from a game. No wait, I don’t think he’ll be called much for slashing…

  6. A lot of you hate Blum, but he’s really been good in these last couple games. He is all over the place and faster than he was last time he was with the Preds. I think he just doesn’t like being stuck in the AHL.

  7. I agree Steve… Blum has looked good when he’s gotten the chance to play. Hopefully he continues to improve and gains more ice time!

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