Ads swept in two at Abbotsford

Photo by Scott Paulus
Photo by Scott Paulus

Milwaukee played better against the team that swept it out of the playoffs last season. Unfortunately that didn’t translate into wins.

The Admirals’ winless streak is now at five games as the Heat picked up a 2-1 win Saturday night and a 2-0 victory a day later.

The losses certainly didn’t result from a lack of scoring chances, but the Ads just couldn’t seem to finish. In the third period of Sunday’s matchup, Milwaukee outshot Abbotsford 12-5, but one shot went off the post and another off the top of the net.

Danny Taylor was solid in net Saturday stopping 24 shots, and AHL All Star Barry Brust was even better Sunday making 30 saves to record his fourth shutout of the year.

Krys Kolanos scored the opening goals of both contests as he continued a 10-game point streak against Milwaukee dating back to May of 2009. Brett Carson, who spent last week working with the Calgary Flames in camp, scored two power play goals in two nights, each one ensuring Heat victories.

Kevin Henderson got the lone goal of the weekend for the Admirals at 16:13 of the second period Saturday night. MVG and Taylor Aronson grabbed the assists.

Jeremy Smith stopped 25 of 27 shots in the first loss and Magnus Hellberg stopped 21 the next day, but neither got the support they needed on the offensive side.

The Admirals’ defense kept them in both games despite the losses of Jon Blum, Ryan Ellis and Victor Bartley (who’s coming back from Nashville).

The back-to-back losses, however, continued a recent trend of special teams futility as the Ads are now 0 for their last 24 chances with the man advantage.

Assistant coach Stan Drulia said after Sunday’s game that the team is still trying to figure things out in the wake of the recent Nashville call ups. He feels the power play has been passing up too many shots and is being “too cute.” Going forward he said they’ll try to work on simplifying things on the attack.


As mentioned, Victor Bartley was reassigned to Milwaukee today by Nashville after not appearing in last night’s season opening shootout loss to Columbus. Sad to see him sent back down, but great for the Ads to have him back in the lineup.

On the flip side, Ryan Ellis scored his first NHL goal of the season Saturday night, but was stopped on his shootout attempt. Looks like we’re going to be seeing a lot from him in the big leagues.


Seems like we’ve asked this before but here it is. What are they going to do about that power play?

How do you feel about the defense stepping up even with some of its biggest pieces gone. Does it speak to the depth of this organization at the blue line?

Why do you think the Flames continue to leave Kry Kolanos down in Abbotsford to torment the Ads?

5 thoughts on “Ads swept in two at Abbotsford”

  1. My idea for the power play is to change the 1st line personnel. The Ads keep putting the same people out there on the 1st line power play and it obviously isn’t working. Not only are the Ads not scoring on the power play but too many times they don’t even get a shot on goal during the power play. I would like them to try a 1st line power play in terms of forwards as Bourque at wing, Mueller at center and Watson at the other wing. I think they could be effective.

  2. @Hockeyfever: Interesting and specific response. So you feel it’s more personnel rather than a mindset of passing rather than shooting that Drulia suggests?

    The guys you mentioned are all pretty much the top offensive producers on the team so putting them all out there at once would be an interesting idea.

    I don’t think I’ve seen that line combination this year so it seems unlikely they’d try it. Those guys tend to operate on different lines for what I would assume to be depth reasons.

    Throwing them all onto one line to get something going is an interesting concept though. Just makes me wonder what their chemistry would be like.

  3. At this point, I think it’s time to start to blame the coaching. Whoever runs the power play unit from the coaching perspective isn’t getting the job done. If they’ve been stressing a shoot the puck mentality, the players aren’t listening because as we’ve all seen, they haven’t been shooting the puck. Drulia said “Going forward he said they’ll try to work on simplifying things on the attack.” – that should have been stressed weeks ago?

    The last couple of home games they stuck Puustinen on the point, running 4 forwards and 1 defenseman. Since we lost Blum and Ellis, that move seemed like a good one. Unfortunately the entire unit just couldn’t control the puck very long in the offensive zone :(

    I’m just shocked our PP isn’t the last in the league at 11%! Hamilton’s PP is 9.9%!!!

  4. @Trey:My thought is that if the personnel can’t or aren’t doing what the coaches have asked, i.e. passing instead of shooting. If I didn’t do what my boss asked me to do I would be out so time to change the personnel. I agree it would be interesting to see what the chemistry would be like. Watson and Bourque did play some together on the same line last night.

    @Creed:I also agree with what you have said. Part of the problem is our Dmen seem to have problems keeping the puck in at the blue line and also are hesitant to shoot. Somebody shoot!! Your other point about the coaching is also one I could agree with.

  5. Related to the Kolanos question posed by Trey, I think it’s much like Darren Haydar; can perform at the AHL level, struggles above that. Look at his (Kolanos) stats. They drop off drastically in all the instances he’s played up (

    There was even an entire article on Haydar on in December ( I actually felt a bit sorry for the guy as he was interviewed to say how fine he was with his career while they interviewed many others to say just how average or below average he is. Maybe Kolanos is viewed the same way. Unfortunately, and this gets back to some commenting on the mid-season report thread on forwards, Chris Mueller may get added into that pack.

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