Victor Bartley Promoted

(Photo credit:  Scott Paulus)

So this is why you follow people on twitter.  To find out when they get called up to Nashville.

As other reporting institutions have since…um…reported….  Victor Bartley is heading down to Nashville for the week.

He’ll be the 8th defenseman in camp…so unless there’s a pulled-groin epidemic among campers (wouldn’t be the first time), he will likely be meeting the Admirals in Abbotsford next weekend.

Still, this is a great reward for a guy who has been a pretty consistent and positive presence on the Milwaukee blue line for the last season and a half.  He’ll live the NHL life and get a feel for how things operate down in Nashville.  But more importantly, he’ll get some face-time with the coaches.  And anything he can take away from his stay this week will make him better the next time he’s needed.

Good for Victor.  Now the only question is….will his Gangnam Style video go viral before or after he gets back….We’ll see.

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One Response to Victor Bartley Promoted

  1. SmoothJazZ85 says:

    good for him

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