Lockout Tentatively Over

So I’m waking up this morning to the same great news you’re waking up to.  The negotiators had a marathon session last night, and have come to a tentative agreement on the framework of a new CBA.

Want to read about it?  Try TSN or SBNation.  Stay away from the TMZ styled so-called ‘insiders’ that contributed as much to the roller-coaster ride as Gary and Donald did.  You know…the ones that are now patting themselves on the back because they said they always knew there’d be an NHL season this year.  Yeah.  Go take your victory lap.  Aren’t you the greatest?

So what happens next?

In our universe, I don’t expect anything to happen today.

The Admirals have a 3pm game against the Grand Rapids Griffins.  Expect everything to be business as usual today.

Until the contract is ratified and signed and sealed and delivered and whatever else they need to do, there’s no deal.  And until there’s a deal, don’t expect any Admirals to be sitting out.

I’m confident that Ellis and Blum will be on their way to Nashville when this is done.  And unless there are some AHL transactions that just haven’t hit the wire yet, we simply don’t have bodies to replace them in today’s lineup.

As for forwards, I think it’ll depend on what Nashville needs.  Strong cases can be made for Mueller, Henderson, and Latta right now.  But I think it’ll come down to wherever the openings are in the Nashville lineup.

Other teams are reacting differently….word from Jason Shaver and the Wolves, who are playing the Barons today, is that the young guys are heading back to Oklahoma City.  So Eberle and Hall may have ended their AHL careers in Milwaukee.  Lucky us.

But, things can change super quick….so we’ll see what happens here.

Josh Shalla was recalled today, but he may be here to replace Mark Van Guilder, who got a bit banged up yesterday.

In the meantime, let’s raise a glass to the 2012-13….or rather…just the 2013 hockey season!

One thought on “Lockout Tentatively Over”

  1. Haven’t been able to comment like I usually do-newborn twins will take up all of your time if you let them! Anyway, thrilled the lockout is over. Not sure why Blum gets a nod to automatically go up-numbers? Also not sure what the heck Chris Mueller needs to do to get a nod up….again….is it numbers that could keep him here?

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