Local high schools bring talents to the Bradley Center

For a seventh year, the Milwaukee Admirals will host high school hockey at the Bradley Center throughout next week.

This year, the annual Admirals Cup tournament will feature two new teams, Stoughton High School and Sheboygan High School, while last year’s champion Marquette, Hartland Arrowhead, Cedarburg, Germantown, Mequon Homestead, Whitefish Bay-Nicolet-Shorewood all return.

The first four games will be played next Wednesday starting at 9:00 a.m. at the Mullett Center on the campus of Hartland Arrowhead. Games will be played at the Mullett and Bradley Center starting Thursday, and end Friday with the championship game  at 2:46 p.m. at the Bradley Center.

Monday six of the coaches met with local media in a conference headed by team president Jon Greenberg and governor/CEO Harris Turer.

Each coach gave a brief statement on his team, and what it meant to have a chance to compete in the tournament.

Marquette’s Troy Sippl: “On behalf of MUHS ice hockey, I’d like to thank the Milwaukee Admirals for all they’ve done in the past seven years for high school hockey in southern Wisconsin. After being fortunate enough to win the tournament the last two year’s we’re looking forward to competing again. We’re 3-3 after six games played. we’re doing a lot of things well. Of those six games we’ve played we’ve only played one with our full roster. We’re hoping to get some guys back in time for the tournament.”

Sheboygan’s Keith Bartholomaus: “Sheboygan’s very excited to be part of this tournament.  I think that we have a team that we feel will be competitive in this tournament. We’ve had a real nice start to our season, we’re 6-3-1 at the moment. We did lose our first two games, the first one being to No. 1 ranked Notre Dame. We’ve played six one-goal games and we’ve got a battle tested team from tight contests.”

WNS’s Maco Balkovec: “This really is turning into the prominent tournament in the state. It’s just an incredible opportunity for our young men to play here at the Bradley Center. I remember playing here myself and how great it was.  Milwaukee is such a great hockey town and what a great opportunity for these kids to come play here. My players have always marked it down as one of the major highlights of their careers. It’s like the kids are playing pro for one night. We’re off to our best start that we’ve had in our school’s history. We’re currently ranked 10th in the power rankings at 8-1, and we’re just getting a great amount of help from all three schools.”

Arrowhead’s Mike Watt: “This is always a highlight for our team. Our record is 5-2-1. We’re just getting everybody back as obviously Arrowhead went to the state football championship and five of the kids on our team were on that team also.  We’re just starting to get the pieces back and get the line combinations back together.”

Germantown’s Al Haga: “We’d like to thank the Admirals and Bradley Corp. for having us. This is our fifth year in this tournament. We’ve started the season kind of light this year, we’ve had a few weekends off. We’ve got some new faces and it’s given us a lot of time to practice. We’re 3-4 right now and we’re looking forward to competing during the holiday season in the tournament.”

Cedarburg’s Dale West: “I think this is our fourth year in the tournament and like the other coaches said our kids really look forward to it. It’s a lot of fun to play here at the Bradley Center and I think going out to Mullett will be a nice addition this year. It’s a great way for us to showcase hockey from southeastern Wisconsin. I’m a little biased but I like to think that hockey in the Milwaukee area has now become the hotbed of hockey in Wisconsin. We’re kind of a hardhat and lunch pail team. There’s not going to be anyone in front of (our goalie) that’s going to light the lamp consistently, but we’ve got a lot of guys who can put the puck in the net. There’s not many teams that are going to outwork us. We’re 4-3-1 right now, we started slow in typical Cedarburg fashion, but we’re 3-0-1 in our last four games.”

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