Third period wreaks havoc on Ads again

Milwaukee found itself with a third period lead for the second game in a row, and for the second game in a row it gave it up.

The game wphotoLargeas a lot higher scoring this time. It was a 3-1 advantage rather than 1-0, but especially in Rockford, which has been a veritable hell hole for the Ads in the past, no lead is safe.

After everyone’s favorite Hog, Rob Flick, opened the scoring 9:13 into the game, the Admirals responded with three goals in less than five minutes in the second period. Latta, then Bourque then Bartley shelled Carter Hutton in rapid succession.

But that wouldn’t be the most impressive offensive onslaught.

Rockford went on to score four unanswered during the games’ final fourteen minutes. Much to Coach Dean Evason’s dismay I’m sure, the lead-narrower and game-tyer were power play goals.

Milwaukee gave up four penalties (a high number for the Ads based on their play of late) and only got one chance with the man advantage.

So you could say again that while the Ads continued to play solid five-on-five hockey, its the special teams that are continuing to hurt this team.

Or it was just another rough outing for the boys in Rockford.

Either way, letting teams back into games with penalties (no matter how questionable they may be) is a trend the Ads need to avoid going forward.


I’ve given my two cents, but why do you think the Ads have given up two straight third period leads?

Word of advice: DO NOT PANIC! Again we’ve still got a lot of hockey left and there are teams that would love to be where Milwaukee is right now…

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