Tuesday meetings display rare good feelings

Donald Fehr and Gary Bettman may not have been present but according to Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly and Steve Fehr of the NHLPA, Tuesday’s meetings in New York regarding the NHL lockout did provide some optimism.

Fehr called the talks “constructive” and even called Tuesday “the best day we’ve had,” and Daly reinforced that both sides are “going to work hard and try to get a deal.”

On the players’ side notable names including Sidney Crosby, Martin St. Louis and Jonathan   Toews were in attendance.

This could be (and most likely is in my humble opinion) just fluff to help generate some good vibes, or it could be the start of a positive trend towards maybe, just maybe getting closer to ending this thing.

Until both top dogs get back into the picture, it’s still looking bleak for the 2012-13 NHL season.

But again what do you guys think?

One thought on “Tuesday meetings display rare good feelings”

  1. Trey,
    If this process does result in an agreement, it does make you wonder the validity of Gary Bettman and Donald Fehr as important in the whole proceedings, though I am sure they are coaching the participants. Even still, considering how the NHL is generally quiet around the holidays, if the process is completed some how this week, January 1 might be a new logical start date. Perhaps put the season opener in the Winter Classic slot?
    Considering how long we’ve waited already, selfishly I want the process to stall until after January 5, so we can see all of the Oklahoma City stars in person. That being said after the trip to OKC, coach Evason might beg to differ with me.

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