Hellberg To Cincy, Zoltan To Milwaukee

(photo credit: Scott Paulus)

Well, we touched on this in the last post a bit, about our concerns about Magnus Hellberg’s performance so far.

Hellberg has now been reassigned to the Cyclones in the ECHL, likely just to get some playing time in this weekend.  Cincy has games Friday and Saturday night, while Milwaukee just has tomorrow’s game against Chicago on the schedule for this weekend.

I wouldn’t read into it that it’s some kind of demotion or depth chart shakeup….just need to get Hellberg some minutes.

So that’ll bring Zoltan Hetenyi up to Milwaukee to open the bench door in tomorrow’s game, get some practice time with the Admirals, and putz around with the continuum transfunctioner.  Zoltan has had better stats than Hellberg this year, but still nothing that should make him think that his stay in Milwaukee will be long term…3.02 GAA, .878 s% in seven games for Cincy.

Expect Zoltan to wear #37.

So Roundtable….This ‘get-work-in-Cincy’ trip for goalies has historically paid dividends for the Admirals.  Do you think Magnus will come back the same way Dexshow did previously? 

2 thoughts on “Hellberg To Cincy, Zoltan To Milwaukee”

  1. I hope Magnus comes back with some positive experience. I like Hellberg, he’s built a bit like Pekka Rinne and takes up a lot of goal space, but we’ll see if he can pick it up. I would like to see Hellboy in the net more if he can get some consistency going for him.

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