Ads Drop Preseason Game 2 at the Kern Center 3-1

Thanks to an excruciatingly long second period, the Ads dropped their second preseason game against the Chicago Wolves 3-1 at the MSOE Kern Center.

Though no goals were scored for either side, the first twenty minutes of play were pretty solid all-around for Milwaukee. Magnus Hellberg got the nod to start between the pipes and he didn’t disappoint in the early going.

The big goalie made seven saves and got a lot of help from his defense led by Anthoney Bitetto. Bitetto definitely looked the most impressive from the blue line throughout the game, breaking up a couple of big Chicago chances and setting up quite a few good opportunities offensively.

Hellberg made three more saves in the second period before Chicago’s Mark Matheson fired a quick, unexpected laser from the top of the left circle that found the right side of the net to put Chicago on the board first, 8:13 into the period.

Less than two minutes later, Jordan Schroeder made it 2-0 Wolves, lifting one right over Hellberg’s left shoulder (no easy task). That got Coach Evason to make the change to Jeremy Smith.

Here’s Coach on what he thought of Hellberg’s night:

Smitty let the purest goal of the night for either team in when Schroeder made it 3-0 on a Wolves power play. After that, he settled down and stopped the last 10 shots he saw, keeping the Admirals within striking distance.

The Ads ended up outshooting the Wolves 30-23 for the game, but they just weren’t able to poke many in. They did a good job crowding the net, which they were rewarded for early in the third.

Andre Bouvet Morrisette did a great job grinding for the puck and freeing it up in front, and Ben Ryan snapped it passed Eddie Lack with 15:29 left in the game. Jack MacLellan picked up the second assist.

That would be all for the Ads as they couldn’t finish most of their opportunities, partially because of execution issues, partially because there was no Lack of great play from Chicago’s net minder.

Milwaukee never Furied the Fury, despite six power play opportunities. The Chicago penalty kill looked more aggressive at times than its full strength offense, and the Ads just didn’t seem ready for it.

Here’s Coach on the team’s Lack of scoring: (okay I’ll stop now)

Besides the outcome, the Ads got some positive individual performances (which is really what you’re looking for in the preseason anyway.) Daniel Bang wins the Charlie Hustle award for the night. He did a good job creating opportunities for himself all game and Coach took notice.

Here’s Coach on the Borque-Mueller-Bang line we saw towards the end of the game.

Some other notables:

MVG and Bourque were solid as usual, creating a good chunk of the better opportunities Milwaukee had last night. Latta threw himself around a lot and looked pretty good from a physicality standpoint. Kevin Henderson spent a lot of time in the box.

Cuts were announced this morning. Cam Reid was released and Aronson, Roussel, and Bouvet-Morrisette were shipped down to Cincy. Hmm. Morrisette sent down after getting an assist. Isn’t it ironic?


Any other players stand out to you guys?

What’d you think of Coach’s responses?

Sad/Glad to see any of the guys headed down to Cincy?

4 thoughts on “Ads Drop Preseason Game 2 at the Kern Center 3-1”

  1. Blum looked lackluster as always…..sloppy play in his own zone, terrible breakouts, and just looked like he didn’t care at times. Got beat by forwards a couple times too.

  2. Public service announcement for writers and readers: spell check! It’s going to be a long year if we’re all spelling the last names of the players wrong!

    I imagine the plan was to switch goalies around the mid-point of the game. They did it that way in Rockford, so I don’t think Hellberg was ‘pulled’ per se. And I like Coach pointing out that yeah, Hellberg probably would have wanted the first one back, but there were critical errors that took place earlier in the play for each of the goals. It’s on tape, they’ll address it, and hopefully be better next time.

    Bourque I expected to rise above a lot of the rest of the players considering where he spent a lot of last season. He looked okay, but not head and shoulders above the rest.

    I think Watson took a puck to the knee in the third period, and that may have also prompted Bang’s promotion to the Mueller/Bourque line. It’ll be interesting to see what line he ends up on once the season starts.

    Shalla I think we’ll see back here soon. Hopefully he’ll light up the E like he lit up the O.

  3. I think the Bourque, Mueller, Bang line was simply a shout out to the Bourque, Mueller, Thang line that was unstoppable in the 2010 season! Seriously though, if they can come close to that line, I’d be pretty happy!

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