Line Combinations

I’ve been asked a few times if we’re hoping for an NHL lockout since it likely would mean some extra NHL talent would be playing at the AHL level.

The answer is absolutely not.  An NHL lockout is bad for the sport that we love no matter how you slice it.  We hope the labor dispute gets resolved in the next 15 minutes, and we can all get back to some degree of normalcy.

That said, it’s kind of fun trying to come up with some line combinations that include Craig Smith and Gabriel Bourque.

So your task, should you choose to accept it, is to come up with four lines of forwards for the Admirals.  Choose from this pool of players (and you can be as liberal with position as you like…..we’ve seen some of these guys in multiple positions previously, and Capgeek and Hockeydb have some disagreements on positions too….so you have some leeway)

Craig Smith, Gabriel Bourque, Chris Mueller, Juuso Puustinen, Taylor Beck, Michael Latta, Mark Van Guilder, Austin Watson, Josh Shalla, Kevin Henderson, Daniel Bang, Jani Lajunen, Patrick Cehlin, Ben Ryan, Andre Bouvet-Morrissette, and Jack MacClellan.

Does Bourque go back with Chris Mueller or Craig Smith (or neither)?  Do any of the guys on AHL deals trump Nashville prospects for playing time?  Which of the new guys are you expecting big things from, and which of the returning guys is going to take the biggest step forward?


4 thoughts on “Line Combinations”

  1. Based on his tweet from Jul 2, I’m going to assume he’s ok?

    “Heading back to finland! Week full of running, skating, biking and working out and of course unbelievebly hot weather #nashville #usa”

  2. Not sure ill dive into line combos and all that until the nhl cba is sorted out but as far as what do I expect from returning players? I feel this is a huge year career wise for both Latta and Beck, it is assumed that nhl will play and mueller will be in nashville which means its Latta and Beck’s time to elevate and rise above their equal ahl counterparts. If they are serious about breaking into nashville in the neart future their time is now, take their performaces from last year and build on it and become the team leaders, I feel both have the skill set and hockey awareness to both excel and advance to the next level. It is not unrealalistic to think that at this level they should be making the all-star game. Yeah that’s what expect to see out of them big years from both with leadership from MVG and henderson to help along the way.

  3. Anyone know if there’s a lockout, will they extend training camp down here, since I assume none of the guys would be participating in a camp in Nashville?

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