They’re Getting The Band Back Together

They’re on a mission from God.  Or…maybe rather….Wendell.

Our neighbors to the south in Joliet Rosemont have re-signed forwards Darren Haydar and Brett Sterling.

Squirrel-Face is probably waiting by the phone….waiting for them to call him up and tell him he’s not alone.

They were both signed to AHL contracts….these aren’t two-way contracts with Vancouver…these are AHL deals.  Much like the ones that Scott Ford, Jeff Foss, Mark Van Guilder, and Joel Champagne had last year with Milwaukee.

Financials weren’t disclosed….Haydar’s last two-way contract was back in 09-10, when he earned 200k at the AHL level.  Sterling’s two-way contract last year with the Blues paid him 200k at the AHL level.  Figure either of them were offered a couple extra bags to sign AHL deals with the Wolves?

Good work if you can get it, I suppose.

Who is excited to see Brett Sterling another 12 times this year?!?!?  Anybody?  Anyone at all?

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2 Responses to They’re Getting The Band Back Together

  1. adsfan says:

    Is Krog now “he who shall not be named”? Haydar is over the hill. Sterling should be under one. Oil the hinges on the Visitor’s Penalty Box for good Ol’ Brett! His slashing from behind and facewashes after the whistle should be met with fierce retaliation. Beat the snot out of him the first time he pulls the same old illegal garbage (like running the goalie) and he will back down like the coward he is.

  2. Mgb says:

    One word reply to adsfan Amen!

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