Predators Sign Mueller to Another Two-Way Deal

As other veteran members of the Milwaukee Admirals move on to other destinations, at least one key piece of this past year’s puzzle is back for another go-around with the Nashville Predators organization.

Official as of Thursday morning, talented forward Chris Mueller agreed to a one-year two-way contract valued at $550,000 at the NHL level, $105,000 at the AHL level with Nashville. The significant change to the terms comes in the AHL portion, where Mueller nearly doubles his take-home pay from last year’s $65,000 at Milwaukee. Also, at the end of the contract Mueller becomes an unrestricted free agent who will be free to sign with any other team if he chooses. Mueller was an RFA going into this season.

To say Mueller was important to the Admirals over the past two seasons is a major understatement. Mueller played 73 games in Milwaukee last year, finishing fifth in the AHL with 32 goals. Mueller also led the Admirals with 60 points and was the team’s only All-Star. It was the second straight year that the Buffalo, New York native ranked on the top of Milwaukee’s scoring charts as Mueller posted 24 goals and 50 points in 67 games for the Admirals in 2010-2011.

Heading into 2012-2013 Mueller has 19 games of NHL experience, but has yet to record his first goal. However, Mueller does have three assists in those games. Not to bad for a player who went undrafted after his college years at Michigan State.

So Roundtable . . . How would you like to welcome back Chris Mueller? Is this finally the year he sticks on with Nashville full-time? Are you hoping this isn’t Mueller’s last year with the Predators organization?

5 thoughts on “Predators Sign Mueller to Another Two-Way Deal”

  1. Being a huge, self-professed fan of Mueller’s I am, of course, thrilled with the signing. I expected it as he was restricted but it’s nice to get a huge piece of our puzzle back in place so early in the summer. Especially with losing Thang and Wilson. Unfortunately for us, yet fortunately for him, I doubt we will see him much this year. Although I said that last year too. But I suspect a reason the Preds got rid of Kyle Wilson was to clear a path for Mueller as Wilson had a one-way contract this year. So, happy to see him back with the organization but I think it’s his year to stick up in Tennessee.

  2. Man, I am behind in my Admirals news. I just saw this today. Great news!! While I do think Mueller will be making a ton of money next year with another organization, I am thrilled to be able to watch him for another year. I think he starts in Milwaukee next year but makes it up to Nashville early in the season. But I said that last year and that never happened-hence why I think he walks at the end of next season. He deserves a legitimate shot to play full time in the NHL and I just don’t know if there is room from him up in Nashville. If he does get his shot, he needs to score early to help himself stick. Happy to have him back! Still surprised/disappointed at Thang’s decision to go to Europe. Seems a premature move, no? He was on the cusp, maybe a step or two or three behind Mueller. Sad he jumped ship for the big paycheck.

  3. Looks like Stortini, Tyler Sloan and Ryan Flynn will all be somewhere other than Milwaukee next year after being non-tendered. Mueller should be spending a good deal of time in Nashville this year. So where does our veteran leadership come from? God help us if it’s Blum.

  4. Man, I really started paying attention to this team last year and really, really like Mueller. He scored in every single game I went to and I made it to quite a few. My friends called me his good luck charm but I think he’s just really that good. Thank God he’s resigned. Seems like everyone else is hitting the decks. I don’t know that much about hockey. Will they sign free agents at this level or just take all the kids that don’t make the Predators roster and throw them on the ice? I hope they get someone for Mueller to play with. If he is even here. I was thinking of getting his jersey. Bummer.

  5. Now I am hoping for a lock-out at the NHL level so we get to start out with some of these guys. We need some vets for sure. Aside from Mueller, who still has a two-way deal with the Preds/Ads? Bourque, Craig Smith? Anyone else that we can use for a month or two if this CBA problem lingers on??

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