This And That

Let’s catch up, shall we?

Congrats to the Norfolk Admirals for winning the Calder Cup!  They swept the Toronto Marlies 4-0 in the series, and the exclamation point in Game 4 was by a 6-1 score.

Tough way for the Marlies to lose Game 3, though.

It stinks, but it is your home rink…..I wonder if that’s the first time that little nook/cranny gave Scrivens a bad bounce.

Former (Milwaukee) Admirals in the series:  Kelsey Wilson did not play in the finals, and only played in one game in the entire playoffs, that a 3-2 win over Abbotsford.  Cory Conacher had a goal and five assists in the finals, and Brandon Segal had a pair of goals, including a game winner.


Do you follow  If not, you should.  According to them, the Predators signed Kevin Henderson to a two-way one-year contract.  But he’s the only one of the Van Flynderson line that is currently under contract.


I don’t think there will be any shortage of European players on the team next season, but one of them won’t be defenseman Teemu Laakso.  One of only two players that played on the 08-09 campaign and were still on the team last year (Scott Ford is the other), Laakso could never stick in the NHL when given the opportunity.  After watching other guys pass him on the depth chart, Laakso signed a two-year deal with Severstal of the KHL.  Over the years, I felt that when healthy, he was one of our most dependable defensemen.  He was prone to a few more unforced errors this season, but still was a very useful piece that the team will need to fill this summer.


The Predators had until June 1st to sign their 2000 draft picks, or else they would go back into the draft pool this summer.  The Preds did elect to sign Swedish forward Patrick Cehlin to an entry level contract.  He’s a 5’11 170 pound right winger, who is expected to play his first season in North America this upcoming season.

He won’t be the only Swede coming over….the Preds signed forward Daniel Bang to a two-way one-year contract.  Bang has a more size than Cehlin, coming it at 6’3 and 201 pounds. David Poile talked about him in a recent interview at the Preds website, saying “We’ve signed a veteran European player in Daniel Bang to maybe make up for some of what we traded away during the season; who we think, given an opportunity in Training Camp certainly will be close and could play games for us next season.”

Before you get all excited about a line with Bang and Thang…first off, it’s pronounced BAWNG.  And second, Thanger doesn’t have a contract right now.  He’s a restricted free agent.  Will the Preds send him an offer sheet?  Will he play overseas instead?  We’ll see.

Another Euro-signing…..Finnish defenseman Joonas Jarvinen.  David Poile described him as “…a little older, a bit of a late bloomer, but someone who played at the World Championships and played effectively; we think we might have something with Jarvinen.

You know how we often hear about the learning curve European players have when they play in North America for the first time?  I think we’ll be hearing that a lot this year.


No new news on the Head Coach front.  Timing wise, the Kirk Muller announcement came at the end of June, just before rookie development camp.  So I’m not going to get antsy until it’s past Summerfest and we don’t have a coach!


And finally…. mark your calendars for the Admirals garage sale on June 20th and 21st.  Get more information here.

And don’t forget to visit the Admirals at Summerfest this year at the Uline Sports Zone.  Here is the schedule:

Wed 6/27 4pm
Thu 6/28 4pm
Fri 6/29 4pm
Sun 7/1 7pm
Tue 7/3 4pm
Thur 7/5 4pm
Fri 7/6 4pm
Sun 7/8 6pm

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