Shea’s Fate

So, did ya catch the Preds game?

Gabriel Bourque with two goals.  Super happy for him.

And after about another 60 minutes, nobody will be talking about that anymore.

Between 11pm tonight and game 2 on Friday, all anyone is going to be talking about is if Shea Weber will be suspended.

I’ll link to the video when Puck Daddy posts it….I imagine they will shortly….

(And right on cue…here it is)

And whichever way Shanny goes, one fanbase is going to be fuming.

So, do your civil duty and vote.

7 thoughts on “Shea’s Fate”

  1. Any insight on Smith? It looked to me like Lindback was back on the bench geared up and ready to rock… Either that or Smith let his hair grow out!

  2. That was entirely dumb on Weber’s part. Guys have been given 1 game suspensions for hits to the head during normal play. Weber grabbing a guy’s head and bashing it into the glass has intent to injure written all over it. I’d be shocked if he only gets 1 game. While I hope he gets nothing for the sake of the Preds, 2 or more games are in order IMO.

    I asked the Nashville beat writer in an online chat the other day about Smith and he said they may keep him up there to take shots during practice.

  3. Mark: I think we’ll probably have Smith back for tomorrow’s game in Rockford.

    Creed: I agree….I’m taking the over. How much did Bobby Ryan get last year for stomp-gate?

  4. On a side note… Milwaukee clinches a playoff berth on Friday with:

    a regulation win at Rockford AND a Rochester regulation loss vs. Syracuse AND a Lake Erie regulation loss vs. Hamilton AND a Peoria regulation loss vs. Charlotte

    LOL – lots of things we need to happen, but hey, there’s a chance on Friday!

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