Jeremy Smith Recalled

Anders Lindback got hurt in the Nashville season finale against the Avalanche last night.  Barry Trotz said “I hope and expect him to be backing up in Game 1.”

Game one of the Preds’ first round series against the Detroit Red Wings isn’t until Wednesday.

But the Predators have elected to recall Jeremy Smith today.  Sunday.

So it’ll be the Atte Engren show until further notice.  Which, the way he’s been playing lately, may still be okay as the Admirals continue their pursuit of the playoffs.

But it’s still a blow.

We’ll see how they do in Houston tonight.

2 thoughts on “Jeremy Smith Recalled”

  1. This really, really aggravates me. I understand we don’t mean a thing to Nashville and we are simply here for their benefit but still. They couldn’t bring him up tomorrow at least? They won’t even use him. This is not the first time Nashville has annoyed me this year. I swear they are making it really hard to continue to root for them.

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