Photos From Tuesday’s Win Over Charlotte

Photos courtesy of Stephanie Sutton / Hockey In Pictures

This one is ripe for a caption contest.  So Milwaukee has a blimp….Texas has the infamous flying cheeseburger.  What should Charlotte have?

Put.  The camera.  Away….or I’ll go all “Rob Flick” on you.  I’m warning you.

Ladies and gentlemen……David Leaderer.  In just his second game of the season, and first since New Years Day.

What’s that guy on the bench giggling about?

And finally…..great to have you back, Kyle.

The rest of the set is here, and you can browse some other Milwaukee games she has been to this year.

5 thoughts on “Photos From Tuesday’s Win Over Charlotte”

  1. Hmmm I usually shine at caption contests, by I’m kind of drawing a blank here… Would a “Rae Carruth” joke be distasteful? Or just unfunny because he was a football player…and why would he be flying in a hockey arena? I’m lost here.

    So here’s my (weak) attempt, ” Charlotte Checkers players are distracted by Jon Blum dangling a ball of yarn from his press box seat while repeatedly shouting, ‘here kitty, kitty.’ The tactic worked so well that Head Coach Ian Herbers plans on scratching Blum more often.”

  2. As the goose egg descends upon Charlotte, their players converge to protect a member of the chosen team. All hail Zardoz!!

  3. Nice pictures! That one win increased the Ads playoff chances from 45 to 60%. They need to nearly win out to be safe.

    “It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s Jeff Gordon!

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