AHL Doles out Suspensions to Latta and Smith; Pickard Joins Preds

As expected, the American Hockey League took harsh actions toward four of the participants in the April Fools Day brawl with Rockford.

Admirals forward Michael Latta and goaltender Jeremy Smith each received suspensions, with Latta’s time off set at three games (both games against Charlotte and Saturday’s game against San Antonio). Smith will be forced to sit out Thursday’s game against the Checkers (surprisingly not Tuesday’s game). Rockford’s Rob Flick and Shawn Lalonde each received three-game sentences from the AHL, matching Latta’s sentence.

Both Ice Hogs coach Ted Dent and Admirals coach Ian Herbers were not suspended, but both bench bosses plus their organizations received fines.

Certainly the AHL’s Tuesday actions came as little surprise considering the extent of affairs on Sunday afternoon at the Bradley Center, but they do nothing to sooth their impact on the Admirals as they make the trek to Charlotte for the final time this season. Both Latta and Smith will be sorely missed from the Admirals lineup this week as Milwaukee embarks on its longest road trip of the season.

Heading into Tuesday night’s matchup with the Checkers, Milwaukee stands at 34-28-2-4, good for 74 points. The Admirals are currently four points behind 8th place Peoria and five behind the three-way log jam for fifth place, which includes Charlotte, Houston and San Antonio. Check out the AHL’s playoff primer here.

In other somewhat unrelated news, Nashville general manager David Poile announced today that Chet Pickard has been assigned to the Predators. Pickard recently completed his season with Cincinnati, going 14-12-2 with a 3.12 goals-against average and a .890 save percentage, while posting one shutout. Pickard was also called up to Nashville at the end of the 2010-2011 season.

So Roundtable . . . What is you assessment of Tuesday’s suspensions? Did you think Latta would receive more/less games? What about Smith sitting out Thursday, but not Tuesday?

6 thoughts on “AHL Doles out Suspensions to Latta and Smith; Pickard Joins Preds”

  1. I think the suspensions are BS and I would rather have Smith suspended for Thursday instead of Tuesday since he dinged up his hand and give it a couple more days to heal. Why he is getting any at all is crap.

    How is leaving the penalty box any different than jumping off the bench during an altercation? That Lalonde and Latta get 3 and so many get nothing at all is cherry picking by the AHL in my opinion.

  2. I’m assuming the league is doing the Ads a favor by letting him serve his suspension Thursday… it’s only three hours from puck drop and unless the Ads want the Checkers play by play guy dressing for them, there probably isn’t a goalie available on such short notice…

    Looking forward to the game tonight. Go Checkers!

  3. @ChasingCheckers, my thoughts exactly. Since they didn’t announce the suspensions until this late in the day, they had to allow Smith to play today. League rules require two goaltenders dressed and without sufficient notice to obtain another one… seems like a favor from the league to Milwaukee.

    I’m actually a bit surprised with the suspensions. I thought Smith would get more… 1 game is great news for us though. I also thought we’d see a few more suspensions from guys jumping off the bench. I suppose without multiple cameras, there was no way to see who came off the bench first though so there’s no way to dish out more suspensions. As Aaron Sims wrote on twitter, the suspensions seem fair.

    Since Pickard is on his way to Nashville, I suppose they can fly him out to Charlotte for the next game to backup Engren?

  4. The suspensions seem light to me on everyone except for Smith. Even though it looks like Smith may have thrown the first punch, I don’t blame him with the strange situation of Flick showing up during the timeout. Flick was definitely there to start something.

    I thought leaving the bench to fight was a minimum 6 game suspension, so I would think leaving the penalty box would be more games. I know this is a unique situation and they wouldn’t suspend everyone for leaving the bench. I figured there would be some suspensions for the rest of the regular season for some guys, especially Flick and the guys leaving the penalty box.

  5. i wont be supirsed if chet starts thursday instead of engren you got to go with the hot hand and chet has a lot of better record then engren even if it was echl.

  6. The suspensions seem fair, except for Flick’s. He should be suspended for the rest of the season. He started the brawl during a time out. He was fighting other people besides Smith in the corner. How many rules did he break? The AHL is spineless!!! And Dave Andrews wonders why he gets booed when he makes his infrequent visits away from Springfield.

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