Ads Use the ‘Full Two Minutes,’ Ground Aeros in OT

It took them 64 minutes and 56 seconds to do it, but the Ads finally put away the Aeros in a game with major playoff implications.

Like a March Madness buzzer beater, Kyle Wilson corralled a rebound off the boards behind the goal-line and fired it past Matt Hackett to put the Ads up 3-2 with 3.1 seconds left in overtime, securing the pivotal second point.

Here’s coach Herbers’ overview of the big win and what it means for the Ads’ playoff plans.

The Ads took a timeout right after they were granted an OT powerplay that would remain for the rest of the extra period.

Here’s Herbers on the TO.

The Ads looked awfully lethargic for a team fighting for a playoff berth in the first two periods of play. The Aeros looked like their namesake, flying down the ice setting up break after break, while the Ads looked like they needed some postgame Herb Brooks-style gassers.

The special teams weren’t all that special, as the Ads looked sluggish, sloppy and predictable on the Fury, going 0-for-3 in the first two periods.

Even with a man advantage, the Ads had little hurry to their Fury, evidenced by the first goal they surrendered. Houston’s David McIntyre fired a shortie, beating Smitty top right shelf to give the Aeros a 1-0 lead halfway through the first period.

Here’s Herbers again on the breakdown that led to the early goal against.

Chris Mueller was Johnny-on-the-spot with the answer for the Ads, putting in a fat rebound off a Brodie Dupont shot attempt that went over the head of a flailing Hackett with 1:07 left before the first break.

The Aeros retook the lead a few minutes into the second period with a Chay Genoway goal. McIntyre picked up his second point of the night, feeding Genoway from behind the net to beat a screened Smith.

Dupont tied the game 5:22 into the third and picked up some much needed momentum for the Ads with his first goal and second point of the night. Mueller crashed down the boards and found Jon Blum, who centered a hard pass that Dupont redirected past Hackett. Mueller made a great read to find Blum, who held onto the puck and somehow mustered a pass that banked off Brodie’s stick into the net.  Good on Blum.

It was enough to force overtime, despite Houston outshooting the Ads 9-4 in the third period.  And then Kyle Wilson finally Furied The Fury to send the pickles into a frenzy.

Here’s Wilson’s postgame Q&A:


-The game almost started with a Roscoe faceplant, but his handler warned the Ads mascot before he hit the ice with his skateguards still on.

-The Ads made a big statement with a win over a playoff-caliber team tonight after falling yet again to cellar-dwelling Rockford Sunday. This was a huge confidence boost with conference-leading Oklahoma City coming in Friday.

-Coach had good things to say about Dupont after his two points that kept the Ads in it.


Have the past weekend and tonight’s win convinced you that the Ads have a real shot at the postseason?

What do you think of Blum lately? He’s still at -14, but was involved in two big Admirals goals tonight?

Will you ever look at a pickle the same way after tonight’s bad puns and over-the-top promotions?

17 thoughts on “Ads Use the ‘Full Two Minutes,’ Ground Aeros in OT”

  1. I think Blum has been playing very well lately. He’s been solid defensively and working hard in both zones. No complaints with his game over the last week or two.

    Any word on Laakso? He looked to be badly injured (his arm/shoulder) mid-way through the third, but then later returned. When he was skating off the ice after the play he wasn’t moving his arm. He was back out there later, but just wondering if there was any further updates on if he really is ok, or? That would be a significant loss to this team right now.

    The real test will be Friday. Hopefully we can keep the momentum.

  2. So happy with the win. I thought they perserved and really pushed for those 2 points because they really didn’t seem to have their feet under them early on. I will be scoreboard watching for sure whereas I really thought we were done weeks ago.
    It’s great to see Dupont starting to come into his own as he gets more games under his belt. If I recall correctly, this is around the time Mueller, Thang and Bourque got hot for our playoff run last year so it’s nice to see Mueller developing some chemistry now with Dupont. Blum seems involved in a lot of their goals as well. Good for them.

  3. Blum has delivered two huge games in a row for Milwaukee. Perhaps reality is starting to set in for Jon that he’s not going back to Nashville this year. About time he makes the most of it and earns himself another job next season. That could be what is motivating him.
    I still can’t believe no other team swooped in at the trade deadline and offered Nashville a fifth, sixth or seventh round pick for him. If I was Poile I would have taken that trade.
    Blum still has all the tools and talent to be a solid player and I still think he will be back in the NHL on a fulltime basis with another franchise. Then again I will probably end up eating those words.
    His play, combined with the return to health and form of Brodie Dupont are making a huge difference right now for Milwaukee. Basically it allows the Admirals scoring options beyond just Mueller and Wilson, and slots other players into their more proper roles.
    That might be enough to propel Milwaukee into the playoffs, but then again it could be a little too late.

  4. Don’t know what game you guys were at, but McIntyre made Blum look silly on the shortie. And his turnovers from sloppy passing is why he is at -14. I do give him credit for throwing the puck twards the net. Still haven’t seen NHL worthy play from him.
    Congrats to the Ads on the ot win!

  5. @ CreedFeed,
    To our knowledge, Laakso is fine. Shouldn’t be any cause for concern going forward. Will keep you updated if anything comes up.

  6. @jasper,
    Blum was on the ice for basically everything but the Ads’ first goal, and he at least balanced out the shortie with the assist on Dupont’s goal. He still ended up -1 for the night so it’s not like he gave himself much help, but hopefully he can at least be able to neutralize his mistakes going forward to avoid being a flat-out liability.

  7. I agree with your entire post Jason. Although Blum’s offensive skills always seemed stronger to me than his defense-kinda like Ellis. Unfortunate for a defenseman. But, I believe we will see both Blum and Mueller in the NHL full-time with another club in the very near future. When Mueller is given a chance to jell with someone, he makes them a better player. Happened with Klasen (although he was crazy talented and could have produced with anybody), Bourque, Thang, Wilson and now Dupont. Hopefully they can keep it up and squeeze into the playoffs here.

  8. Another win. 3-0-0-1 in the last 4 games (picking up 7 of 8 available points) and haven’t moved up even one step on the playoff ladder. Still in 11th place.

  9. Exciting game! Just 2 points out of 7th place!. Milwaukee already has more wins than 3 of the 4 teams immediately in front of them. That should help with tie breakers. LEM, Houston and Peoria are on losing streaks. Milwaukee has the biggest road trip of the year coming up.

  10. Geez Wade Bea! Why are you such a downer? It’s the same thing in every post.

    If they win their games in hand, are they not right in the mix of things?

  11. @Yonkfan
    It’s really going to depend on how the Ads respond on the road. Sure this upcoming homestead is big, but they’re going to have to play in unfriendly environments in 7 of their last 8 games. That alone stacks the odds against them, but hopefully they can get rolling this weekend. A win over the Hogs honestly would be a bigger boost than against OKC.

  12. Ice capades for the 1st, lacksidasical at best in the 2nd, and finally the Ads looked like hockey players in the 3rd. That effort was refreshing.

    Comment on Blum. He only looks good because he has looked so poor for so long. He has been AVERAGE at best over the last couple of games, but that has been a HUGE improvement. Being so damn flat footed on the blueline, especially during transition has got to stop. I had no idea before this year, that he was so slow to get going. Every turnover turns into a potential breakaway.

    On a side note, can someone turn up the bass on the sound system when Miller does the game announcing?

    The Oklahoma City? Really?

    Also try to stop reading the PSA’s, sponsor snippets, etc. within 5 seconds after play ensues. There are tons of play stoppages or wait for intermissions please. Going on for 30 seconds after the puck drops is annoying.

  13. With Wednesday’s win, the Ads have a 60% chance to make the playoffs, with a 5% chance to finish in 3rd place or 13th. Places 4 to 8 are 11% each. They need a 7-1-2 record for 7th or 8th.

  14. Actually, a 6-4-0 record should get them 7th or 8th place. The 7-1-2 would probably get 4th place.

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