More on the Post Rockford Playoff Fallout

Next week I will go into detail on the AHL’s playoff bubble and make my predictions on which Western Conference teams will make the playoffs and which teams will far short.

(Author’s note: Was going to do this today, but as of now I see little chance of the Admirals making the playoffs and therefore the point is sort of moot).

But for now, as Ryan stated on Sunday despite last weekend’s disaster, Milwaukee (currently standing with 64 points through 60 games) still has 16 games left to try to pick up 32 possible points. If the Admirals get hot and manage a conceivable 23 points from here on out, that would give Milwaukee a total of 87–four points short of a playoff position from a year ago. However, each team plays four less games this year, so I would think 87 points would be enough to get into the postseason dance.

Certainly I will acknowledge that last paragraph is full of hypotheticals. Moving back to reality, the big problem going forward for the Admirals is the remaining schedule. Milwaukee has just six home games left in those final 16 contests (only Chicago and Rockford feature road/home schedule ratios worse than Milwaukee in their games left). How is this a problem? The Admirals own the AHL’s sixth best home record at 19-11-2-0. But away from the Bradley Center Milwaukee sinks to the league’s 28th best record at 11-15-0-2.

At least this weekend offers a little help. Milwaukee plays eighth place Lake Erie on Friday, then North Division leading Toronto on Saturday. A regulation win against Lake Erie would go a long way in the catch up process. Meanwhile, the Marlies are so far ahead of Milwaukee that giving up a point to Toronto would hardly be the end of the world as long as the Admirals manage at least a regulation tie. Milwaukee owns a 8-1-0-2 mark against Marlies over the past five years and an 8-5-1-1 mark against Lake Erie.

For more on the playoff race check out the AHL’s playoff primer.

So Roundtable . . . Forget about the playoffs for now. Are three or four points actually reasonable this weekend? Are you glad one of the two games isn’t against Rockford?

5 thoughts on “More on the Post Rockford Playoff Fallout”

  1. Yeah 3 or 4 pts is a reasonable expectation. But lake erie is fighting to stay alive and toronto won’t give an inch either. All I ask is these last 16 game that the team just goes out and plays hard. That’s all play hard 60min and if ya win great if not well at least I want there to be effort. It sucks knowing that these last 5 or 6 games at the BC are our last for this season… And I have to say if we don’t get into the playoffs I’d like to see rockford get in so we have the option of going to see some playoff hockey, chicago is sometimes really annoying and the icehog fans are pretty nice folks so if we can’t get in hope they do they kinda deserve to they’ve played well much of the year……

  2. “(Author’s note: Was going to do this today, but as of now I see little chance of the Admirals making the playoffs and therefore the point is sort of moot)”

    Ye have little faith.

    A lot of you have little faith, I’ve noticed.

    Sorry. I won’t pile on to the rainy parade. I’m not writing off the season until the math forces me to do so.

  3. Ryan,
    Yes, I realize Rockford is unstoppable after February 24. 17-5-1-1 last year and now 7-0-0-1 this year, but Milwaukee burned itself big time by not getting at least a point against the Hogs.
    Some positives from the road trip this weekend might spark a rally, but really desperation is what is necessary.

  4. And maybe some luck…I just saw on the Transaction ticker that Carter Hutton has been called up by the Blackhawks.

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