In The Clear

Hey there.

Just a quick note to let you know the Clear Day roster was officially announced.

From the AHL website…

Atte Engren (G), Jeremy Smith (G), Victor Bartley, Taylor Beck, Jonathon Blum, Gabriel Bourque, Joel Champagne, Brodie Dupont, Ryan Ellis, Ryan Flynn, Scott Ford, Teemu Laakso, Jani Lajunen, Michael Latta, Chris Mueller, Juuso Puustinen, Tyler Sloan, Zach Stortini, Ryan Thang, Scott Valentine, Mark Van Guilder, Kyle Wilson

So Kevin Henderson did not make the clear day roster, but expect to see plenty of him going forward.  As long as Ellis and Bourque are in Nashville, just one other player on that list needs to be injured or called up for Henderson to be able to play.

Henderson, Taylor Aronson, Ben Ryan, Garrett Suter, Chet Pickard, David Leaderer, and Jeff Foss are all “in residence”.

The other interesting thing is that they spelled Stortini’s first name wrong on the AHL site.  Supposed to be Zack with a K.  Not an H.  I hope there isn’t some technicality about his eligibility now…

One thought on “In The Clear”

  1. Ryan, the first thing I noticed as well was the misspell of Zack Stortini. Curious occurrence for sure considering his profile as an AHL-er with significant NHL experience.

    Overall, just about no surprises are on this list. This looks to be Milwaukee’s roster going forward for the stretch run. I would expect Kevin Henderson to fill in the next in line slot for the foreseeable future.

    One thing of note to add is the calender for college and junior hockey. Selections for the NCAA Hockey tournament will come next weekend. But prior to that point some programs with AHL/NHL caliber talent (an obvious being Wisconsin) could be eliminated from contention for NCAA tournament play.

    Complicating Henderson, Ryan and company’s chances of getting into the Milwaukee lineup will be late season additions.

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